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A night at Dennys and a call back home

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Lily reveals more about her past, and calls back home

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"Excuse me, yeah, hi...I ordered honey mustard, and this is ranch..."Lily could hear Ryan complaining to the waitress as she walked out into the dark, cold, Denny's parking lot.
She stood amongst the cars and tour buses in her care bear pajama pants, her black hoodie zipped up and hood covering her pale blonde hair. She shivered and wrapped her arms around her self as she dialed her mom's number.
"Hi mom...yeah I'm fine....oh, its been great. No, not yet." she glanced around the parking lot as she spoke.
As her mom updated her on her cousins, aunts, uncles, and her welsh corgi max, she saw Gerard a couple feet away from her, smoking a cigarette.
He gave her a weak smile, and she returned it,
"Oh ok, Jessie's's there? yeah, I'll talk to her.."
Lily quickly pulled the phone away from her ear as her 14 year old cousin shrieked into the receiver,
Lily winced, "Jessie, can you talk a little quieter?"
She glanced over to see Gerard smiling at her, taking a drag from his cigarette. Lily grinned at him and continued her conversation,
"Yeah, its been's highschool? Just fine? Well ok then..." Gerard was blowing smoke into the air, head tilted back, neck smooth...
"Oh my god lily, tell me about Gerard way!! he is soo...soo..." Jessie's made a sound of frustration, or perhaps lust, over the phone.
Lily looked over at the smoking rock star, "Gerard way, huh?".
Gerard looked over at her, eyebrow raised. "Actually, Jessie's, he's standing RIGHT next to me."
Another ear bursting shriek and a "WHATOHMYGOD!".
Lily grinned, "Yeah you can talk to him....hold on a second."
She held out her cell phone, a smirk on her face.
Gerard smiled, took another drag from his cigarette, winked at Lily , and put the phone to his ear gingerly,
He immediately held the phone away, an inch or so, wincing.
"Hi Jessie, how are you? Oh thank you..thank you. Well I'm glad you like our music...thank you for being our fan...yeah....uh..what?"
Gerard raised an eyebrow and looked at lily...
"she thinks what?"
Lily stopped her silent laughter and snatched the phone away,
"We'll have none of that, thank you. Tell mom I'll call her later..yeah sure you didn't. Ok he's gone-"
Lily held up her hand as Gerard started to speak, "Ok, I'll call you later...MAYBE OK, MAYBE. Bye Jessie, I'm hanging up now"
When lily got off the phone, she rolled her eyes and sighed.
Gerard gave her an amused grin, chuckling a bit.
lily crossed her arms, "God, I hope I wasn't like that at 14.." she mumbled, arms bound tightly around her self.
"She was cute," Gerard said, grinding the cigarette filter into the cement with his shoe," I was never that energetic at that age. She's lucky."
Lily shrugged, "I guess so...what were you like?" she asked, breath coming up in curls of steam.
Gerard looked up at the sky, "I was...a nerd...a geek I guess. I stayed at home most of the time....and you?" he asked, turning his head to glance at her.
Lily smiled, " I was the fat girl." she said, looking at the brightly lit plastic sign. Gerard raised his eyebrows,
"No way."
Lily nodded in silence.
"Well," Gerard began, " I would've never guessed."
"Hey Lil-ayyyyy!" Bert burst through the doors,"your chicken strips are ready!"
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