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Will shows his dissproval..or however you spell it, as does Bert. Everyone meets Opiate. Ps: I hate capitalizing names. Dammit.

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Lily sat on her tour bus with the rest of the band.
They were all silent.
Will was glaring at Lily, arms crossed, brow violently furrowed.
Adam read a magazine, Ryan listened to his ipod.
The past couple of days had been good for lily...anything but for will. She had been spending a lot of time with gerard and bert, nothing new, but she had been drinking quite a lot. Lily was a happy drunk. She wasnt the kind of drunk to get up on a table and start taking her clothes off. That was bert.
Besides drinking copious amounts of liquor, she had been singing a lot with gerard and bert as well. Their impromptu rendition of "prison" was a hit, and they had been asked to do it many times since. Over the past week, they had sang together three times. It was a rush, running on stage, hearing the roar of the crowd..singing with two of your favorite people....she couldnt stop laughing for minutes after. She and bert would find something to laugh at:
the fluffiness of rays hair, brian schechter's tatoos, the one time gerard fell playing chicken limbo.
Her life seemed hilarious. But the more time she spent with them, the more will grew resentful, especially towards bert. Lily knew he was just worried about her.
"Bert, what the hell?!" lily yelled.
"what?" bert asked innocently, mouth full of food.
"Stop eating my damn chicken strips!" lily yelled, swatting his hand away from her food.
The rest of the people in the Denny's stared at the group of rockers, whispers of unnaproval filling the air.
Before lily could protest, Gerard, who was sitting across from her, reached across the table and snatched a french fry.
Lily gasped in dismay and began to pout silently.
Gerard sighed and offered her a mozarella stick with a cheeky grin. Lily stuck out her toungue.
"Where are these people, anyway?" Bert asked brian, who was sitting next to mikey on the other side of the table.
Brian shrugged, "I dont know. They were supposed to be here 15 minutes ago."
"Sounds like somebodys too cool for school, right lily?" bert chuckled, snatching another chicken strip off lilys plate.
Lily elbowed him in the ribs in defiance. Bert pretended to choke, bent over, rubbing his stomach. Suddenly, he paused and became silent,
"Wait a seconddd..." he said quietly, pointing up to the ceiling.
Before lily could say "oh my god, please dont" bert was singing Saint Lily's number one single "Forgive" in an obnoxious voice that only bert could do.
Ryan threw a french fry at bert's face.
Will sighed heavily.
Adam, on the other hand, had a different reaction,
"Yeah, thats right bert, keep on singing that NUMBER one, buddy."
Lily laughed and flashed a smile at her drummer, who gave her a wink and took another bite out of his cheeseburger.
Short thereafter, a large group approached the table. Brian stood up to get everyones attention,
"Ok guys, we have some people to introduce here."
Everybody looked up. Bert had a fry hanging out of his mouth.
"This is Opiate" brian continued,"theyll be touring with us."
Everyone waved politely. " I like your song." bert said, fry flopping from the corner of his mouth.
"Can anyone tell me why the lead singer is such a creep?" bert asked as they sat in saint lilys tourbus.
Gerard smiled, "Creep? He seemed ok"
Lily sat down next to them, "Yeah bert, dont be so mean."
Bert rolled his eyes,
"Come on, hes the biggest douche I've ever met. Have you listened to their songs? They're like a cheap dashboard confessional rip off." Bert said, laying on his back, arms propped behind his head.
Lily tossed him a pillow.
"Thanks," bert said, "but seriously".
Will walked by them, making sure to glare at bert.
"Hey butterball" bert said with a small wave in a tired tone. Lily watched will heat up some milk in the microwave,
"Well, we dont even know him yet."
"This is true."gerard said with a shrug, staring at bert.
"Trust me... he's....douchezilla." bert said in conclusion, "Douchezilla"
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