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After the Tour

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Bert and Gerard have an important phone conversation...and life after the tour for Saint Lily

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"Are you fucking kidding me? That ASSHOLE! I KNEW IT, I FUCKING KNEW IT!"
Bert nodded on the other line, looking at the computer screen in front of him, he held the receiver away from his ear as gerard yelled.
" Why the fuck did she date him?"
Bert shrugged, "Because he had a cool dragon tattoo? I don't know?"
Bert glanced at the computer, an image of Lily and Kris on the screen, torn apart. The headline read "Cheaters Never Prosper: Dumped by an Angry Flower".
What a lame headline... "Exclusive details inside!'
Gerard was fuming on the other line...infuriated by the fact that someone had hurt Lily. I mean, fuck, she wasn't his girlfriend..but it was still fucked up.
The tour had ended 2 months ago, and My Chemical Romance was getting ready to promote their new album, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge..they had filmed their first real music video for "Im Not Okay" a little earlier in the month. No one was sure what would happen.
"I fucking hate that douchebag.." Bert mumbled, staring at kris's smiling face on the computer screen.
Gerard agreed.
"But I fucking miss Lily..."Bert said, staring at her picture, "A lot."
Hey lily, you've got five missed calls.."
Adam held up her cell phone.
Lily shrugged her shoulders, writing in her spiral notebook,
"Ok will, at this part of the chorus, lets have it more aggressive..more..."
"Angry?" Will ventured.
Lily smiled, "Yeah...that's the word."
Saint Lily was in the recording studio, working on their next album. Since the breakup with Kris, lily had been writing like crazy with the band..and they had some pretty good material.
They were putting the finishing touches on the guitar and vocals, when Lily's cellphone vibrated. New voicemail. It was August of 2004.
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