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Getting to Know Him

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Lily gets to know kris

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Drama, Humor, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2006-11-27 - Updated: 2007-08-13 - 469 words - Complete

"So then I finished the set with no shirt on...ends up the girl sold in on ebay!" Kris chuckled to himself as he sipped his iced tea.
Bert laughed anxiously, letting his sprite dribble from the sides of his mouth and onto his t-shirt. Kris laughed nervously, eyebrow raised, not knowing whether bert was making fun of him, or if he was truly amused.
Lily poked at her chicken, intent on not looking at gerard, who had been staring at her on and off for the past half hour. He sat on the other side of the table, with mikey, who had been glaring at her for the past half hour as well. Will, who lily thought to be her own watch dog, gladly returned the favor.
Absolutely ridiculous.
"Hey, how you doing babe?" Kris asked, putting his arm around Lily.
Lily felt eyes burn into her...their contempt like acid, burning through her skin. And it wasn't for her, she was sure..but for kris. At that moment a fan had come up to their table, asking for an autograph. He signed it with a wink. Lily caught bert pretending to throw up.
"At the end of the show their were like...10 pairs of underwear on stage!"
Kris laughed loudly. Lily stood next to him, rubbing her forehead. She had heard that story many times. In fact, she could write a book with all the information she had learned about Kris in the past 4 weeks they had been dating.
He was a good guy besides that. Considerate. A bit self centered, but you kind of have to be in this business...or at least she's been told. Will tolerated him. Ryan thought he was funny. Adam thought he was an idiot. His fans hated lily. One fan in particular had taken to throwing empty water bottles at lily's head, which will chucked back at her any chance he could. Kris just smiled,
"They're just jealous, baby." he said with grin, signing an autograph.
"Well, it hurts when they throw stuff at me and call me a slut! Can you please tell them to stop!?" Lily hissed as they walked back to her tourbus. Kris laughed,
"Don't be stupid, lily. Its not that big of a deal."
"What?! Not that big of a deal?! Are you kidding me?!" Lily cried, stopping in her tracks. She became more and more upset with each word.
Kris put his hands on her shoulders, "Shhh, baby. Its no big deal. I love you..they're just fans. They mean nothing to me. Nothing. You're the only one I care about. I sing for you."
The wheels turned in Lily's head. You've been dating me for a can't love me.
Kris checked his reflection on the side of a shiny black tourbus.
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