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Lily admits to bert what's really going on

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"Stop stealing my damn pants!"Will grumbled as Lily walked past him.
Lily shrugged with a smile, "I like them." she said, referring to the flannel pants decorated with scooby. She grabbed will and gave him a kiss on the cheek, much to his dismay.
"You're giving me cooties." he complained with a grin.
Matt, their manager, popped into the bunk area, "Hey, Lily, this guy keeps trying to get a hold of you..."
Lily frowned, "What?"
"He keeps on calling my cell phone, I don't know how he got the number" he said with an annoyed look,
"Please just talk to him." He shoved his Nokia in lily's face.
Lily raised an eyebrow. Will looked at her with a concerned/aggressive look on his face.
She gingerly put the phone up to her ear,
"Uh, hellooo...."
Lily sighed, "Bert."
There was a snicker on the other line, "Hey, I was looking for a beautiful flower...and I heard you were it."
Will glared. Lily walked down the hall to find privacy.
"Ok, I had no idea he was going to do that." she hissed, glancing behind her at her glaring bandmate.
She sat on the couch and watched the scenery speed past ,cell phone to her ear.
"Yeah ok....hey...look out your window"
She looked to her side to see the used tour bus next to her, bert pressed up against the glass.
Lily couldn't help but laugh as bert pushed his bare chest against up against the window. She flipped him off with a smile.
"So, what...are you guys going out?"
Lily spoke into the phone while looking across at bert, who was sitting at a table with quinn,
Bert repeated his question,
"Are you and that Kris douchebag boyfriendgirlfriend...steady dates...LOVERS" bert mused on the other line.
Lily laughed,
"Thanks for quoting the breakfast club, bert. Real original."
Bert stuck his tongue out,
"Are you dating him or what?" he asked again.
Lily's heart skipped a beat. Gerard had suddenly walked into view. Her heart wrenched as he looked at her through the glass. Suddenly, the bus sped up and left bert and gerard behind.
"Yes." she whispered, "I am."
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