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Making It: Im Not Okay

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Saint Lily catches the new video

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Lily sat in the recording studio, fighting off fatigue on a black leather couch. She unwrapped a throat lozenge as will flipped through the channels on the small tv.
"Wait wait wait, STOP!" ryan yelled as will reached MTV.
"I fucking hate that channel." Will grumbled, finger poised on the button.
"No, check it out!" Ryan said, seemingly suprised,
"Its gerard."
Lily, who had been busy popping soothing chamomile throat drops, perked up,
"What?" she leaned in and looked at the small tv intently.
"It's their new video...ahahahhahaha" Will laughed as he watched frank get hit with a sandwich.
Lily edged closer to the tv, "Oh my god" she whispered,
"They made it."
Truth be told, Saint Lily had only heard the demos of MCR's new cd. Im Not Okay wasnt exactly Lily's favorite, but seeing gerard on the screen struck something in her. She felt proud, she felt happy...she felt a little sad. But watching her friends on the screen made her smile.
"We better get on that shit." Will grumbled, looking at lily.
They were to film their music video for their next single in the upcoming week. They were all a little nervous as to where it would lead. This could be their big break...a break from the underground.
"Yeah, I heard he's cleaned up now." Adam mumbled, reading AP next to Lily.
Lily took her eyes away from the tv, "Really?"
She looked at the screen...he looked cleaner....slimmer...pretty good. She put her hand to her chest, a sudden warmth spreading through her. She took a breath and it seemed to fade away. She popped another throat lozenge into her mouth.
"Lets finish those vocals."
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