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Lily meets bert at starbucks....will he ever show up?

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Lily grabbed her coffee, sliding the cup into an insulated cardboard sleeve. She walked over to a table in the back and took a seat in a plum velvet arm chair. She sighed and took a sip, careful not to burn her tongue. She settled into her chair comfortably and took out her cell phone to check the time. Late.
It had been 6 months. The tour had ended in early april, and now lily found herself in a starbucks. Waiting. Alot of things had changed since then. She thought about these things as she sipped her mocha. The new record was done...they would be doing their music videos soon...she had her hair layered...she had taken up knitting.Needless to say, the members of Saint Lily would all be recieving knitted gifts for the upcoming holidays.
Kris stopped trying to call her. Instead, he had taken to parading around town with his new pursuit. Lily didnt care..but it was still annoying. And now, here she was, sitting alone in a secluded area of starbucks, blocking out the whispers and stares she had been recieving for the past 20 minutes. She dug into her purse and put on her big black sunglasses, her side bangs brushing over them. She crossed her legs, picked fuzz off of her black leggings, pulled stray hairs off of her striped sweater, pulled her hair back up, blew her bangs out of her face. Sighed.
That son of a bitch.
She threw her purse over her shoulder and stood up, pulling down her denim skirt. Her boots patted the linoleum softly as she made her way for the exit.
As she pushed the door open, purse hanging on her shouder and mocha in hand, she looked up,startled, to see bert in the doorway in front of her.
"HEyyy!" he smiled, wrapping his scrawny, tatooed arms around her and squeezing her tight.
Lily was about to lecture bert about punctuality, but decided against it. Seeing his smiling, goofy face made all the anger and frustration she had built up over the past months melt away, leaving a wide grin.
She threw her mocha in the trash adjacent to the door and enveloped him in a huge hug, standing on her tip toes to meet his shoulders. She squeezed him extra hard, and he returned the favor. Lily could feel pressure on her ribs and pulled away with a smile.
"Hey bert." she grinned.
"Hey, UNCLE bert." he corrected, knocking her on the shoulder.
Lily laughed,
"You want some something to drink?"
Bert looked into the coffeeshop, hands in pockets,
"No." he shrugged.
He returned his gaze to her and smiled,
"Its fucking awesome to see you."
"You too." lily beamed....she felt warm...she could feel something inside her starting to spark.
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