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The Bert Fallout

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Gerard is angry at Bert and Monica

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Monica arrived at Brian's office and immediately knocked on his door. He called out for her to enter. He was on the phone and motioned for her to sit down. Doodling on a note pad while listening to the caller he looked very unhappy.
"You really need to calm down about this. Your focus needs to be on where you are and what you are doing. The photo shoot and press conference are very important. If you go into it in your pissed off mood it will affect everyone. It's not fair to the band and it's not fair to your fans."
Monica just knew he was talking to Gerard. She wanted to explain to him what had happened. Brian tried to get a few words in. "Look, be pissed off at me. I'm the one that gave Quinn her number. I have to admit I didn't think she would actually go there I just thought she might talk to him on the phone. Quinn sort of panicked at the thought of Bert getting arrested. He asked her to come to the Tick Tock and help him get Bert out of there and she did."
He listened for a moment then added, "I have already talked to Quinn and he is very sorry. You do not need to bitch him out."
Monica caught Brian's attention and mouthed "Can I talk to him?'
"Gerard, Monica is here, I'll put her on the phone" Before he could hand the phone over Gerard hung up.
Brian looked sheepish, "Sorry about that but he is pissed. When he looses his cool it ain't fucking nice. He is fucking pissed at me for giving Quinn your number, he is pissed at Bert, he is pissed at Quinn, he is just pissed" he shook his head "the band needs his head to be on business not crap like this".
Monica sat quietly and Brian added "I didn't mean that worrying about you is wrong but sometimes he takes things to a new level. I'm not prying but just when did you and Gerard get so close?"
She rubbed her eyes and answered honestly "I can't really say we are that close. I don't want a relationship with anyone it's just that when we are together its hard to remember that."
"Shit that isn't good. He is very attracted to you and to be honest I am surprised. After his last relationship he swore he would never again get close to anyone. It tore him up so bad we were afraid he might not make it. The bitch used him and hurt him deep."
Brian cleared his throat "don't hurt him"
Monica lowered her head "I would never deliberately hurt Gerard, but I can't give him what I don't have to give." She stood and went out to her desk. The day went by slowly. Every time the phone would ring she would half hope and half dread it would be Gerard. He really had no right to be mad at her. There was no commitment or understanding between them. Just because things got a bit out of hand before his mom and her daughter arrived home didn't mean anything. Hell, he never even mentioned it; they both just pretended it didn't happen.
She had just returned from running an errand when she noticed she had voice mail. She entered her pass code and listened. Gerard's voice was harsh "Taking off by yourself that late at night was stupid. Especially going to help that stupid fuck. You really need to think before you do something like that."
Monica lowered the phone and glared. Without any thought she pushed the reply button and uttered "Get Bent".
The floral delivery truck was just leaving the driveway when she pulled up. Donna was standing in the doorway waiting for her. "I put them on the kitchen table".
Monica slipped out of her coat and sat down at the table. "Bad day?" Donna asked.
"You could say that. I know you saw the picture on my phone this morning."
Donna nodded, "I called Brian and he told me the whole story. He also told me my son is beyond pissed"
"Yep, he is. I know deep down he is just concerned about me but damn he is so arrogant acting sometimes".
Donna laughed, "That's Gerard alright. He takes after his father" She began to prepare the spaghetti that would be dinner.
Absently Monica removed the card from the bouquet of roses. She expected it to say the usual "Love Bert". However when she removed the card from the envelope it read "I'm Sorry Love The PRETTY Blond"
Damn that pretty Gerard, she burst out laughing.
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