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Bert is Sorry - Well Sort of

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Bert thanks Monica for her help

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The next morning Monica was working at her computer when Bert walked into the office. Briefly she considered ducking under her desk before he could spot her. Instead she waited until he saw he and walked over. "Monica, nice to see you"
He looked much better than he had the last time she had seen him. His long brown hair was combed and his clothes clean. He removed his sunglasses and smiled. "I was going to send flowers but I thought I would just come by and take you to lunch."
Monica just stared at him, "You aren't serious are you? Why do you think for one minute I would go to lunch with you after what happened?" The man was crazed.
He just smiled "Because I want to apologize for the way I acted. I was a total shit to you and I'm sorry. It was very nice to you to come and help Quinn get me out of there."
"Fine, Bert I accept your apology. Now go away." She turned back to her computer and stared working. Bert didn't move. Finally she looked up again, "What?"
The guy just kept smiling. "I have something else to apologize for" He looked away and noticed Brian was watching them from his office door. "Brian" he acknowledged.
Monica looked at Brain then back at Bert. "Well, go ahead. What else do you have to apologize for?"
He cleared his throat "Well, you know that photo of us that appeared on the Internet? I knew the guy who took it. We used to hang together. He asked me if it was OK to post it and I said hell yes it's OK"
She just looked at him and shook her head. "I came to that diner to try to help you. Then you blackmailed me into kissing you. Then had it posted on the web? When did it occur to you that you had done a really shitty thing?"
He looked uneasy "When my former friend called me and said he would fuck me up if I didn't quit missing with you"
Brian who was listening came over to the desk "When was this?" She knew he was worried because the Band was in London doing important interviews for print and TV and that they had a concert tonight. The time difference meant Gerard had talked to Bert sometime between interviews. She hoped Gerard's anger hadn't caused a problem.
"A few hours ago. The fucker called and threatened me then hung up" He brushed back his hair "Shit, I didn't know you two were together or anything"
Monica answered quickly "We aren't together or anything. We are just friends " Bert snorted and even Brain gave her a disbelieving look.
Bert grew angry, "Well, not a problem. Gerard likes to fuck his friends." Seeing the shocked look on Monica's face he relented "Hey, I'm sorry. Just cause I'm pissed at him I don't wanna take it out on you. You helped me and I have no fucking idea why."
She looked at him "Bert, I came to the Tick Tock to try and help you because I really think underneath it all you are a nice guy. But you are out of control. I'm not sure what happened before I got to the diner."
"I don't want to talk about" he cut her off. "Look I really appreciate what you did."
Monica could see the hurt in his eyes. Whatever had happened he was really upset. He forced a smiled "Well guess lunch is a no so I'll take off" He turned and started for the door.
Brian and Monica watched him walk out onto the sidewalk. Monica shot a glance at Brian the hurried out the door after Bert. He was almost to the car when her voice stopped him. "Bert, wait a minute." He turned to her. " If you ever really need to talk to someone, call me."
He looked surprised "That is really sweet. No wonder Gerard is so crazy about you." She stared to protest but he held up his hand to quiet her "he is crazy about you and you are crazy about him. Don't even bother trying to deny it. You two are not just friends. Just be careful. He has a lot of demons he deals with from the past. Not just booze and pills." He turned and left her standing there wondering just what that cryptic message meant.
When she walked back in Brian was on the phone. He smiled and handed it to her. It was Gerard "Monica, I wanted to call before but its so crazy here. We have taped three T.V. shows today and gave two radio interviews." He sounded out of breath but happy.
"Ah the life of a rock superstar" she laughed "So how long until tonight's concert?" She sat back in her chair and closed her eyes. Hearing his voice was wonderful.
"Ray is already staring at me. We have to leave for the hall in a few minutes. Oh, Frank said to tell you hello. He also want to know if you would please spend a little time with Jamia and try to find out what she would like for Christmas. He says he always buys the wrong thing and he really wants this years gift to be something special that she will love."
"She and I are going shopping this weekend so I will see what I can do," she answered. "There is one thing I wanted to ask you. Is it Bob who is calling Kara? She keeps getting calls on her cell and acts so secretive about them."
Gerard was quiet a moment then answered, "I really don't know. I will ask him and let you know." She heard voices in the background "Got to go babe, talk to you latter. Tell mom hello for me."
"Bye Gerard, take care and have a great show tonight" she disconnected and smiled when she realized he had called her babe.
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