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"Come on, Alyssa, just do it as a favor for me."
"I don't remember owing you any favors."
"Well, if you go for me then I'll owe YOU a favor, okay?"
"Not okay," I replied, feeling stubborn as hell.
My best friend Kristie sighed into the phone. "You're being stubborn as hell."
I smiled to myself; this girl knew me way too well. "So?"
Another sigh. "So, I thought you liked their music."
"I do."
"Then what's the problem? That's all that matters, right? The music?"
"Not to you," I muttered.
"What? I can't hear you."
"It's just, I like the music, but not the guys themselves."
"Alyssa, you don't even know these guys!"
"Exactly! So why should I want to go hang out with them?"
A third and final sigh. "Alyssa. Please. Just do this one thing for me."
I stopped to think about it, and I have to admit, her intentional poor-little-me voice weakened me quite a bit. Well, who could it hurt, going to this one thing? I groaned before reluctantly answering, "Okay, Kristie, fine. I'll go." What was I getting myself into?
She squealed ino the phone. "Oh, thank you so much, Lys! I owe you one, really."
"Yeah, you do."
"Can you just do three things for me when you're there?"
"That depends, what are they?"
"Okay. Get their autographs, all of them. And get lots of pictures of them. And..." She paused.
"What, Kris? Spit it out."
"Could you ask them if they wear boxers, or briefs?"
I groaned once more. "I'll see what I can do," I growled, knowing there was no way in the world I was oging to ask these four strangers what kind of underwear they use. And I slammed down the phone.


That was a long time ago, months. Now, I sit here remembering the conversation I had with my friend that started it all.

She had called me up, begging me to take her place at a Meet and Greet. And her backstage pass, and her concert ticket. This was for a Panic! At The Disco concert, and at the time, I knew nothing whatsoever about this band besides the fact that I liked thier music okay. Kristie, on the other hand, was the complete opposite - she knew every single detail about this band, from their lyrics to what they wore at the show last week. She was a total fangirl about these guys, I mean she lived and breathed for them. It got annoying sometimes, but you know, she's my best friend - so I deal (I deal :]). She was more excited than I'd ever seen her when she bought a ticket for their concert (which is saying a lot), and went completely out of her mind when she found out about the Meet and Greet and backstage passes she had won. From what I understood, this meant that she got to stand there breathless and stare at these guys as they signed her CD before the show, and sit there speechless for another half an hour or so after the show. Whoopee, yahoo. Big deal. That was my impression, at least. What was the big deal about these guys, anyway? It was just a couple of teenageers strumming thier guitars and stunning little 11-year old girls with their "hot bodies". Or so I thought.

Kristie was nothing short of devestated when she found out she wouldn't be able to attend the concert. Or the Meet and Greet, or put that backstage pass to use. But her parents were like that, it was always their way or the highway. In this case, they had insisted she stayed home that night to dine with her barely alive great-aunt. Go figure...

This hardly affected me, seeing as Kristie had her heart broken for one reason or another at least once a week. I figured she would get over it, and she did. I also figured it was all for the best, because there was no doubt she would scare the shit out of those boys and get kicked out anyway, with all the energy that girl had. So everything turned out okay besides the money that was wasted, and I didn't pay much attention to the situation.

That is, until dear old Kristie decided to involve me in it. Who better to shove your ticket and passes on to other than your best friend? No one, of course! Besides, I was the only one of her friends who was even a slight fan of P!ATD. And I DID feel a little sorry for her.

So there I was two weeks after that telephone conversation, waiting in the very back of the line of 50 or so people to meet four boys I cared nothing about. I was feeling grumpy and impatient; I had been waiting hours for this stupid thing and was surrounded by a billion screaming teenybopper 10 years olds. Wouldn't you be grumpy and impatient too?

I could easily see all four band members from my place in line. I was definitely the tallest fan there, despite my short 5'3 height - yeah, 5'3. That should tell you something about the average age group present. The skinny guy on the far left had soft brown hair, and somewhat of a baby face. He didn't seem to be making much conversation with the fans, just smiling shyly as he took whatever they gave him to sign. The one next to him looked... well, to be honest, he looked slightly drunk. He kept on laughing loudly and making stupid faces, and overall he looked pretty cluless. He looked like a nice enough guy, though, and was probably the oldest one in the band, because of the stubbly mustache and beard he sported. His hair was brown, too. The guy nest to him also had lognish brown/red hair - what was it with brown hair and these guys? - and a nice smile, I always notice smiles. He seemed to be making lots of conversation with the fans. Finally, my eyes moved to the last of the bunch, and I'm pretty sure my heart skipped a beat or two. (Or three.) He was absolutely gorgeous, and in my opinion the most attractive in the band. He had short dark hair and a very slim figure. His head was tilted back, eyes closed, and he was laughing furiously at something someone had said to him. When he stopped laughing, his deep brown eyes opened - and went straight to mine, nowhere else. My heart skipped again. Our gazes locked, and he just stared at me for a moment. I stared back, showing this kid that I didn't easily back out. That's when his eyes lit up, and a large grin broke out across his beautiful face. That's when I realized I was his next challenge, blah blah blah, I already said all of that. I suddenly went from feeling enchanted to feelingsick to my stomach. I was so not ready for this.

He was still staring at me. The other three guuys had noticed, and followed his gaze to me. They stared too, but none of them gave me the same feeling as he did. They looked from me to him and back again, trying to figure out what was going through his head, as was I. Although I was pretty sure I had a good idea. Finally, the one next to him with the nice smile leaned over and muttered something into Gorgeous Guy's ear. GG broke his gaze with me to turn to Smile Guy, laughing and giving a short reply. Soon all of them were back to signing autographs and chatting with the fans as if they hadn't seen me at all. But Gorgeous Guy kept on glacing back at me every once in a while, as if to make sure I was still there. He'd smile when I caught him looking at me, but I refused to let myself smile back. Besides, I was afraid that what came out of my mouth if I opened it may be puke.

A year or 100 later - yes, I know I'm a bit impatient - I finally reached the front of the line. Shy Guy smiled and waved off the 12-year old in front of me who looked like she was going to be sick, and I stood before him next. He looked up to meet my eyes and smiled warmly. I smiled back lightly.
"Hey," he said. His voice was much deeper than I had imagined.
"Hi," I said, and handed him Kristie's beat up CD case.
He took it from me and asked, "Who should I make this out to?"
"Um," I said, "Kristie, I guess." I gave him the correct spelling of her name, people are always spelling it wrong.
"Mhmm," he mumbled, scribbling something down on the scratched up case. He finished within seconds and handed me back the case, smiling again. "So, you're Kristie? That's a pretty name."
I laughed, recognizing how sweet he was. "Thanks, fut it's not mine, Kristie is my friend. I'll mention to her you said that, though, it'll make her day." I paused from my rambling. "I'm Alyssa."
"Alyssa," he repeated, grinning even more widely. I noticed how nice his smile was, too. "That's an even prettier name!"
I laughed again. He continued, "I'm Ryan."
"Hey, Ryan."
"Well, I guess I'll see you around, then?"
"I guess so." We exchanged one last smile, then I moved on to the guy on Ryan's right. Hopefully he was just as nice.
"Hey," he said, "I'm Jon." We had pretty much the same conversation I had had with Ryan, but Jon was way more hyper. He was just as sweet and I soon realiezed that he wasn't srunk, just really nice.

After Jon signed Kristie's CD, I moved on to the third member of the band, Smile Guy. He gave me one of his huge smiles and took the CD from me, introducing himself as Spencer. I told him my name and he signed the CD. As he handed it back to me, I glanced over at Gorgeous Guy. He was watching us again. I turned my attention back to Spencer, and he curled his index finger towards himself twice, beckoning me to him. I leaned in over the table and he whispered into my ear. "Hey, watch out for Brendon over there, yeah? He's got his eye on you, and we all know how he gets when he wants someone."
I leaned away from him, and realized that Brendon must be GG's real name. I raised an eyebrow at Spencer, but he just laughed and gestured me towards Brendon.

I sighed and moved to the last member of the band, absolutely dreading this conversation. I lookde at Brendon but he was frowning at Spencer, his expression angry, or frusterated. Or... was that jealousy I sensed? I wondered if he had seen Spencer whispering to me, and the answer was clear on Brendon's face.

Brendon finally looked back to me, and his expression instantly changed. Another smile broke out on his face, and his eyes lit up once more. I tried not to look too disgusted.
"Hey!" he said energetically. "What's your name, gorgeous?"
I openly groaned, trying to let him know how much I hated this. He didn't seem to notice. "I'm Alyssa," I said.
"Alyssa," he repeated, testing it out. He took the CD case from my hands and bent over, scribbling down his signature. He looked back up and handed me the case.
"I take it you know my name already?"
"No," I lied. "No, I actually don't."
He looked a little surprised for a moment, but bounced back immediately and stuck out his hand in front of him grinning. "I'm Brendon"
I reluctantly took his hand with my own, and my heart skipped once more. God, why don't I just have a heart attack already? His hand was warm and soft, his grip firm and steady. I let go after a second, but he held on and yanked my wrist closer to him, reading my wristband.
"Backstage pass, huh?" He looked absolutely delighted.
"Yeah." I tried to remain emotionless.
He was smirking at me. "I'll see you after the show, then?"
"Sure, I guess. Whatever."
Brendon smiled at me, his perfect white teeth gleaming. I resisted rolling my eyes and turned away. The boys' body guard was summoning them all into their dressing rooms, and I realized that I had been the very last person in line. Before walking out into the arena, I turned back around once more. Ryan, Jon and Spencer were all grinning at Brendon, rolling their eyes and shaking their heads. Brendon just laughed and shrugged, a what-I-can't-help-myself shrug. I realized that the three other boys must've been listening in on me and Brendon's conversation. I turned away again and strutted out the door. Brendon turned around to watch me leave, but I was already gone.


okay, so i hope you guys enjoy this chapter because it took a while to write and a lot of energy out of me. in return i ask for more comments, thanks to all who have given reviews so far!! sorry this chapter is so loooong, but i tend to go into detail when i write. please excuse any mistakes i made, i'm too lazy to go back and check my grammar right now. and don't expect consistency when i update, i just get on here and write whenever something new comes to mind so it might be a couple of days. enjoy!
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