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tooo tight

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"hey,jay,ur soo uptight,you can't even fart because ur but is soo tight"said theresa."ya", said jay "i bet i can" "try" said theresa. "OK"said jay .and he tried and he tried and he tried . but all he got was a sqeak. "wow"said theresa "i mean look @ herry . they look @ herry .then they hear a big fat wet fart coming from under herry, who was slouching on the couch."

"look @ archie " . they looked at archie , who was trying to impress atlanta . and then suddenly a tzzzzzzzzzzzzzz came and he turned pitch red and walked out of the room , very slowly .

"look @ odie " she said . odie was going pretty hard on himself and then , suddenly , poooffffff ."man", odie said "i need to lay off those beens..."

"and then theres neil" they glanced @ neil to see what he was up to . he was trying to pop off a zit , when the 2 hear tsssssssssssssssss then neil shouted "i didn't do that ..." "sure ......" atlanta said.

"well then "jay said "what about you and atlanta?" " uh , we dont fart " theresa said , matter-of-factly . but then , before thier very ears , the biggest fart , probably the biggest in the world , was sounded .then everybody , ecept theresa laughed.

"couldnt fart ,eh?"jay said . theresa ran up to her room.
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