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Rodney's use of Lucius drug on Sheppard does not work well. The team has to deal with the consequence of John's reaction to the drug. Episode tag to Irresistible.

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A/N: This has been in my head for a while now ever since I saw Irresistible. Last night I couldn't sleep until I wrote it. Edited 3/2/2007


Chapter 1

"Well I'm going to make sure that Rodney destroys all of the plants. I want to be sure that there is nothing left." Ronon then leaves the gate room following the direction McKay took. The others watch as he leaves.

"Do you not think we should help John? I do not think he would appreciate being controlled by Lucius drug," asked Teyla.

"Don't worry I'll give him the antidote, but after he cleans Rodney's room a bit. Perhaps that will help him quit making comments about us being under Lucius influence," replied Carson.

"I don't mind leaving John the way he is for a little while. I am getting tired from him asking if I still long for Lucius touch. This would be a good lesson for him," said Weir.

"I guess it would not hurt him if he was left the way he is, but just so he understands what we have been through," said Teyla.

John was walking on a balcony that over took the ocean on his way to McKay's room. I can't wait to get started on cleaning Rodney's room, he will be so happy with me when it is done. John thought to himself with a smile on his face, but slowly the smile on his face turns in to a frown.

Wait a minute why would I clean his room, thinks John as he stops walking. Because he asked you of course and you want to see him happy.

"No, I would never clean Rodney's room if he asked me to do that," John mumbles to himself. He begins pacing back and forth on the balcony.

"Why do I want to do what he asks of me," John's eyes widen in shock, "No he couldn't have used Lucius drug on me."

That can't be it, besides Beckett gave Rodney the antidote. So there is no way the drug would work if Rodney took it. John stops pacing and appears to calm down. Of course he didn't use the drug, besides he wouldn't use the drug on me because he is my friend. John begins walking again; I better get going I still need to clean Rodney's room.

No, no, no, thinks John as he stops suddenly and grips the railing. This isn't right, John thinks as he looks over the railing into the water

I can't be under the drug, but Rodney is a genius he could have figure a way around Beckett's antidote.

Stop thinking that, besides Rodney would never do that to you, now come on you need to clean Rodney's room.

No I would never in my right mind clean his room. John closes his eyes in frustration.

Come on John you are doing him a favor, besides he does so much it is the least you can do.

"NO" John screams as he grips the rail firmly.

There was no doubt about it, John thought, something wasn't right with him. I need to get Beckett's antidote, wait a minute, why didn't he or the others stop me in the gate room. Shouldn't they have realized that something was wrong when I said I will clean Rodney's room?

Because nothing was wrong of course John so stop worrying.

"No John, you need to get a grip" he says to himself.

"You need to do something before you lose complete control of yourself. You made it without falling under Lucius control, you can figure out away from Rodney's control. But the cold was what protected me from Lucius before. Maybe a cold shower would shake me from Rodney's control."

No, John thinks as he shakes his head, that's not soon enough he needs to do something now. He then opens his eyes and looks at the water.

"That's it" John exclaims.

John then begins to climb up on the railing. Once over the railing he takes a quick glance at the water. This should work; the cold of the ocean would get him back into control. Without a second thought John jumps from the balcony in to the ocean. The fall towards the water goes quick in John's mind considering the height he jumped from. And before he knows it he has hit the water. John feels a sudden rush of awareness but as quickly as that came it is gone. Before he even knows it he loses conscious.
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