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Deep End

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Rodney's use of Lucius drug on Sheppard does not work well. The team has to deal with the consequence of John's reaction to the drug. Episode tag to Irresistible.

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A/N: I have no idea how the levels of Atlantis are designated or broken up. So I am making the levels up, please forgive me if they aren't correct. Another thing I am no doctor so I have no idea if the medical jargon that I write is correct. Edited 3/2/2007


Chapter 2

Major Lorne was patrolling outside, on the level even to the ocean, when he heard a loud splash. Deciding to check out what it was he cautiously steps towards the edge. Looking out at the water he sees nothing but the waves moving across the ocean. Lorne shrugs his shoulders.

"Must have been a fish," Lorne turns around and begins to walk away, but stops as his radio crackles with static.

"Reports of someone jumping off a balcony on the south side of Atlantis," the radio hisses. Lorne's face contorts in to shock. He quickly looks back towards the water. In the water he now sees a body floating face down on the surface.

"I need a medical team to level S1 section 4." Lorne calls into his radio, he then jumps into the water and swims towards the body. Once he has a good grip on the body he heads back. By the time he reaches the edge the medical team has already arrived, they help to pull the body from the water. Once out of the water Lorne finally gets a good look at the body, however he stares in surprise when he realizes that it is Colonel Sheppard.

"I have a pulse but it is faint. However he is not breathing," the medic starts performing CPR on John. After a few tries John finally coughs up the water he swallowed and starts breathing again.

"Good he is breathing, lets get him up to the infirmary immediately," stated the medic. The medic team rushes to the transporter followed closely by Major Lorne.

"Is everything ready for the medical emergency and also where is Dr. Beckett?" asked Dr. Biro.

"We are prepared for the incoming patient. However Dr. Beckett is taking a break right now. He said he wanted to rest after having to go through the withdrawal without any aid and then having to immediately get to work on the serum against Lucius drug," replied the head nurse. Just then the medic team comes in with John followed by Major Lorne.

"Does not matter if Carson is on a break, he would want to be the one who took care of Colonel Sheppard so get him now," Dr. Biro told the nurse as she sees who the patient is. "Alright what can you tell me about the Colonel's condition?"

"Jump from a balcony into the ocean, was found face down in the water. He was not breathing for a short period, but we were able to resuscitate. The Colonel had swallowed some water, but coughed the water up when he started breathing again," replied the medic. Biro looks at John to find him beginning to awake.

"Where am I?" groans John.

"You are in the infirmary. Can you tell me what happen?" asks Dr. Biro as she checks his pulse.

"I ah jump into the water to regain control," responds John groggily.

"Why would jumping off a balcony into the ocean help you regain control?" asks Dr. Biro as the nurses move John onto one of the medical beds and begin removing his wet clothes.

"I needed Beckett's serum, but was losing control. I felt myself slipping so I had to do something right way. Cold protected me before, saw the water thought it would help me regain my senses."

"But why didn't you just told someone you needed Beckett's serum, they would have help you get it before you lost control. Besides how can you be under the drug's influence? Lucius has been gone for hours and everyone except you was given the serum, so there is no one here who could have used the drug to control you," question Dr. Biro.

"They must have known something was wrong when I said I would clean his room, but they didn't stop me when I left the gate room. If they would leave me under the control of the drug, how could I be sure that I would be help right away? I don't know how he got it to work but Rodney is genius," answered John.

"Colonel are you telling us that Dr. McKay got the drug to work even with the serum in his system and used it to control you?" asked Major Lorne. The question went unanswered however as John lost consciousness. "Is he alright?"

"We will keep an eye on him, but he has been through quite an ordeal. I will also have the serum administered to him. What I am worried about is his reaction to the Lucius drug. It is different from what everyone else's was, but that could be because of it being altered so it can be used" said Dr. Biro.

"I am going to question McKay and find out if he really did use the drug or if this is something Lucius did before he left. I just find it hard to believe that McKay would do that to the Colonel," said Major Lorne.

"What you need to do is get out of those wet clothes first. In the mean time I will contact Dr. Weir and she can handle Dr. McKay"

"You contact Dr. Weir but I'm not going to wait on questioning McKay," said Lorne as he rushes out of the infirmary.

"There that was the last of all the plants. Now that I destroyed it all you have no need to hover over me any more," replied a frustrated McKay.

"Good, now you can destroy whatever drug you made so far that you have not used" stated Ronon.

"Oh come on, who knows what we can use this for. It can be a great advan..." Ronon stares at McKay. "Alright already I'm going to destroy what is left now," says McKay with a sour look.

Rodney retrieves all the vials of the drug he had left. With a resigned sigh he destroys their contents. He looks at Ronon "There are you happy now. As you can see there is nothing of the drug left for me to use."

"So you did find a way to use Lucius drug." In the door way stood Major Lorne staring down at McKay. The angry look he had on his face gave McKay a feeling of impeding doom, even with him being soaking wet.
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