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Rodney's use of Lucius drug on Sheppard does not work well. The team has to deal with the consequence of John's reaction to the drug. Episode tag to Irresistible.

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Chapter 3

"Why are you soaking wet?" Ronon ask questioningly as he stares at Lorne.

"Sorry but I will be the one asking the questions. First how were you able to get the drug to work and second why the hell did you use it to control the Colonel?" Lorne ask as he moves so that he is standing right in front of McKay.

McKay swallowed nervously as Lorne loomed over him making him hesitate before answering. "Well it wasn't too hard for a man of my genius. I had been studying the drug before I was force to join the Lucius fan club, which by the way Beckett used my notes of to create his serum. All it took was some modifying of Lucius drug so that it wouldn't be neutralized in my system by the serum that Beckett gave me. However the modifications only allow it to be used, it does not allow me to control anyone who has taken the serum. This doesn't mean I was trying to control everyone. And if it just so happen that Sheppard is the only person who could be affected, then why not give him a better understanding of what we went through and get him to stop his comments. It was not like I meant any harm I was just having him clean my room." McKay said trying to put up a brave face to Lorne.

"Hasn't the Colonel been through enough? You just had to go and put him through this. And Ronon how much about this did you know? Were you aware of what McKay did to the Colonel and if so why didn't you get someone to administer the serum?" Lorne's intense gaze shifts on to Ronon.

Ronon casually leans against the wall staring back at Lorne, "After I found out what McKay did I went to make sure that he destroyed everything. In regards about Sheppard I knew, but I felt it was important to make sure all of the drug was destroyed. Besides I figure Beckett would send someone to help him. Seeing how he as well as Teyla and Weir were there when Sheppard took off saying he was going to clean McKay's room." Ronon watches Lorne as his visage contorts into shock.

"Major what is this about anyways? Did you find John cleaning my room?" McKay's question pulls Lorne's focus back on to him, "Looking at how soak you are it seems to me that you had fallen into the ocean. Is that what happen, you tried to stop him from cleaning my room and he knock you into the ocean. Well I..."

"McKay shut up right now; you're this close from having me throw you over a balcony. For your information I got wet from jumping into the ocean to rescue the Colonel. It seems he had an adverse reaction to you using the drug to control him and he decided to take a nose dive off one of the balconies. All I can say is if the Colonel doesn't recover completely from what you did there will be no place in the universe where you can hide." McKay's face shifts in to shock all the while Ronon's relax pose stiffens.

"What, but how could this have happen? I never would want him to hurt himself. What is his condition? Will he be alright? I've got to check on him."

"You are not to go anywhere near him. Not until it has been clear that the drug has left your system. In the mean time you will stay here and you will send a report with all your notes on the changes you made to the drug."

"Fine I will remain here for the time being, but what is John's current condition," McKay asks earnestly.

"I'm not sure what his current condition is. When I had pulled him out of the water he wasn't breathing but the medic was able to resuscitate him. He later regained consciousness and was able to explain why he jumped but he then lost consciousness again. After which I came here to find out if what he said was true, which I really hoped wasn't. Look I'm heading back now, Ronon I know you want to check on the Colonel but can you stay here and make sure that McKay doesn't leave."

Ronon nods in response. Seeing Ronon accept this Lorne turns around and leaves.

When Carson enters the infirmary his eyes immediately focus on to the bed where John is. He approaches John's side and begins checking his stats. Dr. Biro moves with a syringe to the other side of John's bed, injecting its contents in to John's IV.

"Aye what can you tell me of his condition," ask Carson.

"Well I just injected him with the serum for Lucius drug. His test had showed an increase in gamma activity. It wasn't near the levels of those fully under the influence but it was high enough that he could most likely be partly controlled. We have also been warming him up to get his body temperature back to normal levels."

"This is all my fault, if I had just given him the serum earlier he wouldn't have ended up like this." Carson looks down guiltily.

"This wasn't your fault you couldn't have known that something like this would happen. We have been so busy with giving everyone who was under Lucius influence the serum that we saved him for last. No one thought he could be controlled after Lucius received the serum and was sent packing. Besides John was still recovering from his cold at the time." Biro's comforting words does little in easing Carson's guilt. Biro then picks up John's chart and starts going over it with Carson. However she is interrupted by two people who rush into the infirmary.

"How is he" ask Teyla and Elizabeth at the same time.

"Considering what his body been through. I'm surprise he isn't in worse condition. His temperature is lower then we would like but ..." Biro was interrupted by the noise coming from John's bed.

The machines by John's bed had gone off in alarm; his heart monitor had flat line.

A/N: Now I'm not sure what I'm going to post next since I'm stuck between two story ideas. I have ideas in my head for a sequel to my other story Your Wife which I can't seem to get out of my head. The problem with the idea is I would have to put Sam under alien influence and I feel that is a bit clique. However it is the only way I can think of to get her to reveal things in front of other people that she wouldn't normally.
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