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Chapter Nine

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What's going to happen now?

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That old feeling of being slammed into concrete was back. I slowly opened my eyes and tried to remember what had happened last night. Then it all came flooding back. Kales leaving. The tapping. My stupidity. Beckett. The Dandies. Kales again. I groaned and closed my eyes again. As if she needed something else to freak over last night.
I sighed, but a sharp pain erupted over my chest. I ended up gasping, which only made the pain worse. I lifted up my right arm, only to find that an IV attached to it. I blinked a few times and tried my left arm. A cast wrapped around my forearm, wrist, and hand.
Slightly freaking out now, I attempted to move my legs. I could feel a wrap around my right ankle, probably some type of sprain. My left leg seemed to be okay. I slowly moved my neck a little. That was okay too, but my head pounded with even the slightest movement. I guess I hit the ground harder than I thought. I definitely had a concussion./ Perfect. What's the Reverend going to think of me now? /
I froze. There was someone standing in the doorway. I slowly turned my head to spot Kales. She was staring at the ground. /What am I going to tell her? /I sighed a little and let my head sink back into the pillow.
"So I guess I'm going to be on bed rest for a while?" I asked lightly.
Kales walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, "Yeah, whoever it was did a good number on you." Her voice was quiet, like she didn't really know what to say to me.
I swallowed, trying to think of the words I needed to say. It was pointless. My mind had obviously taken a vacation. Or maybe it was just feeling a little hurt right now too.
"You have a major concussion, a broken forearm and fractured wrist, three cracked ribs, and a bad sprained ankle. Plus numerous bruises," Kales reported absentmindedly. "I don't think you'll even be able to try limping around for another week or two. It all depends on how fast your head heels. The sprain should be gone in about four weeks, and you arm will be better in about eight or nine."
Finally, I forced some words out, "Does the Reverend know?" I was surprised at how quiet my own voice was.
Kales sighed, "As of this point onward, your not allowed to be in a room by yourself, except for sleeping and using the bathroom. And as of right now, I'm supposed to be your overprotective babysitter." And with that, Kales stood up to leave.
Oh no, I really screwed things up if she got in trouble too. "Kales wait," I really needed to fix things.
She came back and sat down on the bed, "I forgot already, you're awake now."
"It's not like I can go anywhere," I said.
She shrugged, "I'm already in hot water with the Reverend, I can't make another mistake."
"But it's not your fault. I was the one who broke the promise!" I messed up big time. How could I have been so stupid? It's been a very long time since I've let one of those rushes of hate control me.
Kales just shrugged again, "Don't worry about it."
My jaw dropped. How can she say that? She's acting like it's no big deal I totally got her in trouble!
"Don't forget, I was the one who left you alone," Kales said.
"But you had no choice," I countered.
"Yes I did," Kales whispered. I stared at her in confusion, once again at a loss for words. My mind was staling on those three words. Yes I did.
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