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Chapter Eight

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Oh no....

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I sat on the couch in my usual position, knees hugged to chest and head buried. Kales had been gone for about three hours. I'm starting to get a little worried...not to mention the fact that it's totally weird being here a lone.
Tap. Tap. Tap.
I looked around to find the source of the tapping noise. I didn't have any lights on, but I could still see with my vampire eyesight./ Who is that standing outside the window?/ I could feel my heart beating harder and my breathing quicken. There was something oddly familiar about the figure tapping on the window. My eyes narrowed. No, it can't be him. How does he know I'm here?
The figure in the window sneered and started walking down the alley. All of a sudden, that old hate rush came back. Memories flooded my mind.
The night I was bit.
All of the dirty tricks he pulled.
All of the innocent people killed, their dead eyes staring coldly back at me.
The night of my capture.
It was too much. I had to do something. Without thinking of Kales or my promise, I jumped up off the couch and ran out the door. Where are you Beckett?
"Why hello Peter, long time no see," a voice sneered sweetly from behind me. I spun around and snarled. William Beckett just smiled, "There's no need for that moodiness Pete, I was just coming to say hello."
"How did you find out where I was?" I growled at him.
"I think the better question is what are you doing where you are? I honestly came here tonight looking for someone else. I didn't expect you. What a nice surprise," Beckett smirked.
I gave him a death glare. Don't play games with me you Dandy trash. "What are you doing here?"
"I told you, I'm looking for a...friend of mine," Beckett smiled in that sickening way of his. "But they obviously aren't here right now, so I'll just be going." And with that, he turned on his heel and started to walk away.
/Oh no, you are not walking away from me this time. /I snarled and began to chase after him, but something snagged one of my legs. I fell onto the cobblestone and immediately rolled over as a punch landed where my head had been only seconds before.
I jumped up to my feet, but one of the Dandies that had snuck up behind me while I was talking to Beckett punched me hard in the stomach. I doubled over retching. Maybe the Reverend's right: I'm not in any condition to fight. Another Dandy kicked me in the chest as I finally gained my composure. I was pushed to the ground. A Dandy kicked me hard in the ribs. I heard a faint crack, and the air was knocked out of me.
Five minutes later, the Dandies decided that they bruised and bloodied me enough. Besides, the sky was turning from black, to purple, and now it was tinged with pinks and oranges. I lay gasping for air on the ground, pain throbbing through my body. Images from the lab ran rampant across my mind. I felt so totally helpless.
The sun was creeping up the alleyway. I watched terrified as it inched closer to my feet. I whimpered and vainly tried to move, but I was too weak. So I'm going to lay here and fry in the sun. What a wonderful way to die...
"Pete!" Kales was horrified to see his limp body lying in the alley. She ran over to where he lay.
I whimpered a little involuntarily. I am so glad to see you. Kales stooped down next to me, worry etched all over her tired face. Her violet eyes searched my dull hazel ones. She tenderly picked me up and carried me back inside the house. She laid me down on the metal table in the white room, and then I blacked out.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I know, it was evil short. But I just love making people crazy with cliffhangers!
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