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Horror Movie Night!

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What would you do if your horror movie night goes nothing like you had planned it? That's what Atlanta and Theresa feel when their night turns into a real horror movie! One-Shot comedy & horror.

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It was a dark and stormy night, perfect for the horror movie night Theresa and Atlanta had planned.
-" Ok!, said Atlanta, The popcorn,soda and chips are ready! So what are we going to watch tonight?"

-" The GRUDGE!!" said Theresa while trying to do a scary face.

-" Perfect!, Neil's at his costume party and the boys are upstairs! Nothing can possibly ruin this night!" said Atlanta and headed for the couch Theresa was saving her a spot for. But as soon as she sat down, the electricity went off.

-" AHHHHHHHHHH!!" screamed the two girls. Archie and Jay ran down with flashlights. The girls ran to them and hugged them.

-" What happened here?" asked Jay.

-" We don't know! We were about to watch our movie when the lights just went off!, replied Atlanta, So much for horror movie night.." But then suddenly the T.V went on by itself.

-" What the..? B-But I tought T.V only functionned with electricity!" said Theresa in a tiny voice. Then they saw the Grudges DVD main menu.

-" Well, I guess your movie night isn't over yet! We'll leave you girls alone now." said Archie but was stopped by Atlanta.

-" Wait!! I'll use my cellphone to order us some pizza!" She opened the phone, put it on her ear and surprisingly said: "T-The line is D-Dead.." They gasped.

-" I guess we won't eat any pizza tonight!!" said Archie.

-" But we need pizza!! We're so hungry!!" said Atlanta and made a puppy face. Archie couldn't resist.

-" Fine.. I'll go get the pizza myself.." He grabbed his coat and went on his motorcycle.

-" Until Archie comes back with the pizza, let's watch the movie!!" said Theresa.

-" I'll think i'll go upstairs now.." said Jay but Theresa stopped him. She also made a puppy face.

-" Fine, I'll stay and watch with you." and they all sat down. 1 hour later, they were still watching. Theresa was hugging Jay very hard that he was hardly breathing! Atlanta then looked at the time and got worried.

-" Guys where's Archie? He had to come with the pizza by now!" she asked. They both shrugged.


-" 30$ for a stupid pizza! What a ripoff!!" said Archie to himself as he parked his motor in front of the brownstone. He was walking to the entrance when he turned around and suddenly saw someone with a red glowing eye looking at him from the other side of the road. "The dude must be lost" thought Archie and continued walking. He then saw the guy moving and comming closer. Archie started pacing. "Walk slowly,slowly" the guy then came much closer. "ok RUN,RUN,RUN" said Archie and ran to the door. He started to knock on the door but the titans weren't hearing him. He then started knocking louder and louder but it was no use. "Wait a minute! Im such an idiot! I have keys!" he tought and got out his keys but they fell right in the mud. He started searching for them and finnaly found them all muddy and gooey. He tried putting them one by one in the door knob but they wouldn't fit!! The strange person began comming closer and closer! Archie started hitting the door with all his strenght.

-" Did you hear that?" asked Atlanta, hearing some loud noises comming from outside. Then they heard a loud scream comming from updstairs. They ran and saw Odie pointing at something. It was his inventions! They were all floating in mid-air!!

-" G-G-G-G-GHOST!!" he screamed and they all ran downstairs. They then heard Herry running down.

-" Herry what happened??" asked the leader.

-" My sandwich!! I-It was floating!!" he answered. They then saw some green goo comming out of the walls! The titans began to get scared. Floating objects, green goo, what did all this mean?? They then heard someone knocking very hard on the door screaming "LET ME IN!! LET ME IN!!"

-" IT'S THE GRUDGE!!!!" yelled Theresa in fear and hugged Jay. Herry then took the couch and put it in front of the door.

-" Wait a minute guys!! I know that voice!! It's not the Grudge, It's Archie!!" said Atlanta pulling the couch away and opening the door letting Archie in.

-" What's wrong Arch? You look like you've seen a ghost!" asked Theresa.

-"" said Archie while he pointed outside and then fainted when he saw the person again.
The titans all looked up and right in front of them was...THE GRUDGE!!!

-" AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" they all yelled and they all fainted. It wasn't realy the grudge, it was..NEIL! holding the poster of the Grudge!

-" Hey guys!! My costume of a robot cyborg won 1st place!! The prize was this realy cool poster of the Grudge!! Isn't this awesome!! Uh..guys? Guys??"

--------- THE END---------
loool I hope u guys liked it!!! Neil was that person all along!! Please RATE and REVIEW!! =)
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