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Chapter Six - A Love That Was Once Lost

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Fiyero thinks about some things that has changed since the last time they made love.

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A/n: I know I said I wouldn't update just yet, but I was extremely bored in 8th and 9th period chem. class, and I decided upon writing chapters 6 and 7.
(Fyi): Italics means it's a flashback, a dream, or something said in the past chapter I re-added for effect. I'm not saying your stupid and wouldn't realize, but I just want to make myself clear :)

Fiyero sighed and sat up on one arm, leaning his head in his palm.
He gazed at Elphaba, who was lying next to him, silently slumbering peacefully. He watched her every breath; how her chest rose and fell each time.
A trickle of sweat slowly ran down her forehead, and just as he saw her slightly cringe from the burn of it, he quickly, yet gently as to not wake her up, wiped it away.
He saw the sudden relief in her facial expression making him think...maybe he is her hero.
He laid back and placed his hands behind his head.
A small smile shine on his face just remembering the event that had happened only hours ago.

He was surprised how their distance before hand had made everything feel so new.
He was disappointed that his mind had failed to recollect how, her body felt.
He noticed a few strange things, little things he definitely knew changed.
One was how her skin seemed so gentle to the touch. It was as silk, smooth and addicting to touch. He couldn't help himself; he wanted to touch every piece of skin he could get his hands on.
Then there were her lips. He never felt so tempted to kiss them as much as he was. Luscious was the word and every kiss sent him to heaven and back, sending chills up and down his spine.
On the other hand, he noticed her holding back, as if afraid to let out her cries of pleasure.
Instead, she whimpered, not in pain, but it was so different from what he did remember.
Finally towards the climax she would let it out, for she could not hold it in anymore.

From the corner of his eye he could see her starting to shiver.
It was only the beginning of fall, but the harsh weather had been settling earlier than usual.
It was getting colder faster, and he realized they'd need to seek better shelter, because the willow tree just wouldn't cut it in the awaiting weather.
"Tomorrow I will look for something better fitted," he said aloud, more to himself then the leaves above him, but they still answered him with a swish in the wind.
He noticed how Elphaba had only her cloak as a blanket, which isn't fit for anyone to use. It was a ratty piece of cloth that contained more holes than Swiss cheese.
He shifted himself closer to her trembling body and laid half of his blanket on top on her.
Unconsciously, she cuddled up close to him and nuzzled against his chest.
He wrapped his arms around her, kissed her nose, and fell back to sleep.

A/n: yay for a better chapter!! I'll post the 7th chapter asap.
The 7th chapter is the best chapter, and is a cliffhanger, sorry, but its extremely amazing. I'm not just saying that because I wrote it lol.
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