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Chapter Seven - Dreaming of the Past ... and Present?

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Summary will sooo ruin the chapter.

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A/n: so this happens to be my favorite chapter, along with chapter 8, they coincide. Chapter 3 used to be my favorite but this one overrides it by way much.
Sorry for the random blabbering, I'm just extremely bored.
So this could be my last chapter for a while...Son of a Witch has temporarily taken over my life.
But you never know.... I may return!

She had woken up from what seemed like a horrid nightmare.
In fright, she gripped the sheets of the bed and nearly tumbled onto the hardwood floor.
She looked around the darkened room, as if it would help to fasten her eyes adjustment and trying to make sure where she was, was real.
Glinda choked back her tears as the painful images replayed over inside her head.

She opened a door, and walked into her and Elphaba's old room at Shiz.
In it, like Glinda remembered, lied Elphie, curled up in a ball on her bed, reading a book.
Elphaba didn't even glance Glinda's way when she had entered the room, even when a gasp was let out of her mouth upon shock.
Glinda turned pale, yet she was excited to see her long-lost friend.
She ran up to Elphaba and hugged her tight.
Elphaba, being her usual self, threw Glinda off of her and made gagging motions to show her disgust.
"What the hell were you thinking, hugging me like that. Have you gone absolutely bonkers?!" Elphaba screamed.
"Oh Elphie! I missed you! I couldn't help myself, I'm sorry."
"Galinda, you are definitely insane," Elphaba rolled her eyes. "You've been gone only 5 minutes and first of all, you don't even like me, I don't like you, so how could you have possibly missed me? Except if maybe I was a target, you're so blonde you'd miss and hit your precious shoe rack."
Elphaba laughed at her own joke.
Glinda started to shudder at her former name, and the revolting things that came out of her once best friend's mouth.
"Ga-linda?" Glinda stuttered. "You never call me Galinda anymore. And why would I hate you, you're my best friend and when you left me, all alone in this cruel world, I was devastated. When you died, I cried for you ... don't give me that look Elphie ... I genuinely cried for you, real tears in fact!"
Elphaba raised her eyebrow at all this girl was saying.
"Yeah, yeah. Whatever. What's new, everything's always about you, you, you. Sometimes you need to get over yourself." Elphaba replied. "You definitely took some crazy pills this morning. Maybe I should get Madame Morrible."
Elphaba slowly trudged to the door, looking bothered and uncaring about the current situation.
Glinda was so confused and her mind was all a whirl.
The words stung her, and right then and there she would have loved to strangle Elphaba, but she never wanted what happened next to ever be brought upon someone, especically someone she had come to love and care for.
The room started spinning and everything got blurry. Glinda felt a fainting sensation build up inside of her, and just as she felt she would hit the floor, it all stopped.
She faced Elphaba's direction, and noticed her friend was clutching the nearest furniture, trying to escape the water hose pointed directly at her face.
There, standing with the hose at hand, was Dorothy.
"You'll never get these shoes, you witch!" Dorothy exclaimed.
She turned on the fire hose full blast.
Glinda realized her feet wouldn't budge, as if she were paralyzed from the waist down.
Her body soon went completely numb, except for the fear she felt from experiencing such a tragic scene.
The image of Elphie begging for her life right before she died would be etched in Glinda's memory forever.
Finally she felt her legs again and slowly strode towards the seeping wet hat lying on the floor where it's owner once stood.
A tear slid down Glinda's cheek and she stood up to face Dorothy, but she had vanished.
The room spun again and this time, Glinda ended up in a meadow valley. One she had never seen before.
Something about this place made her feel better then she had moments ago, a time when she was re-grieving her loss, for the second time.
Right in front of her, she had the most gorgeous view of a weeping willow tree.
"How is this significant?" she asked out loud, half expecting an answer. "I have never been here before, nor have I seen such a magnificent tree as this one. I just don't get it."
Glinda shook her head as if the answer would just come pouring out of her ears.
Then, like an answered prayer, she heard voices, and her eyes lit up with wonderment.
Out of the leaves stepped Fiyero closely followed by...Elphaba?
Glinda couldn't believe her eyes, how could this be so?

A/n: I know such a cliff hanger lol and I know I said I was stopping at 7, but I'm going to continue to 8 because I can't hold in the next chapter. Keeping it to myself is too selfish. Also the fact that chapter 7 was so long I split it into two separate chapters lol.
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