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Chapter Eight - Revealing the Truth?

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Continuation of chapter 7.

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A/n: So I decided upon thanking star555555528 for actually reviewing this, because without her I would have thought nobody has been reading this, and would make me completely wasting my time on this.
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Glinda rubbed her eyes in shock as her heart skipped a beat.
Could it be? Fiyero and Elphaba...alive?
Well the fact Fiyero was alive didn't shock Glinda as much as Elphaba being alive, for Glinda helped save Fiyero.
From the distance, Glinda cried out, "Fiyero! Elphie! I'm here!"
They didn't acknowledge her.
She ran to them, but for some reason she couldn't get close enough to touch them; some sort of invisible barrier kept her from them.

"Elphaba, Fae, we need to relocate by nightfall," Fiyero said to Elphaba, as if Glinda wasn't even there. "It's getting colder and soon it will snow. We can't risk any of us getting sick, or you getting wet."
"Yero, I'm afraid," Elphaba said shakily.
"Don't worry, we'll find shelter in time and you wont get hurt," Fiyero said soothingly.
"Not about that, about how they think I'm dead, and if they catch us, I could lose..."
He put him arms around her waist and held her close, making her forget what she was about to say.
He traced the outline of her jaw with his finger, ever so lightly, and she closed her eyes awaiting the expected.
He softly placed his lips on hers and they shared a sweet kiss.

Glinda knew it had to be a dream...Fiyero and Elphaba ...together?
How could it be? She was standing there with her jaw agape, and her mind in complete astonishment.
Yet there was some sense of it being real and she couldn't shake it.
Soon the scenery blended together and she was alone again, in what seemed like a white light.
And in quick flashes she saw scenes as if playing from a movie.

Of all she saw, Glinda could only remember and recognize a few pieces of the mind-boggling puzzle laid out in front of her eyes.
A girl in a chamber of some sort, crying all alone as she had her arms wrapped around her knees and rocked back and forth.
A boy with Fiyero, storming out of a room after what seemed like a heated argument.
Elphaba crying in Fiyero's arms, mouthing what Glinda could make out as a name, "Liir".
And lastly, Fiyero shedding tears over a motionless body. From the tint of green, Glinda made it out to be Elphaba's body.
And leaning over the body with an evil smirk on his face was the wizard.
That girl from the cell, Glinda realized, was also in the image.
She was chained up and kneeling on the floor beside the wizard's feet, simultaneously weeping and shaking uncontrollably.
And the boy who walked out was leaning on Fiyero's shoulder blades, looking as if he may pass out any moment from grief.
Glinda couldn't help but start to tea.
Just imagining that this could be true in any way made Glinda lose it for a moment.
The white light faded to black, and Glinda felt like she was falling into a bottomless pit.

That's when she woke up screaming.
After gathering her thoughts together and putting the pieces together she came to one realization.
"Elphaba's alive... I knew it!"

A/n: I hope you all enjoyed that chapter, because I enjoyed writing it. Some might be wondering why I just foreshadowed my whole plot line, but I didn' a way. That's what is "supposed" to happen...but maybe it wont...I love keeping you guessing :).
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