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Chapter Nine - A Road Less Traveled/Uncertain Feelings

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Author Notes Tell All...Somewhat based on Son of a Witch. short chapter...continuation to soon follow.

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A/n: So I was reading Son of a Witch the other day and had such inspiration to write this next chapter.
So for all you fans who haven't yet read Son of a Witch, I will try to simplify everything as much as I can, and explain the rest in the end, so hopefully I don't lose anybody anywhere, and no1 gets confused.

So recap before I begin... (This may help)
*Fiyero found Elphaba hidden in a secret chamber in Kiamo Ko after she was presumed dead by Dorothy throwing water on her.
*They run off together and take shelter in a willow tree.
*Glinda feels guilty about her friend's death, and although she is going through a tough mourning period, she can't help but feel something isn't right.
*Elphaba has a dream that Fiyero gets almost killed by the wizard and she fears they will get caught, and separated once again.
*Fiyero notices something different about Elphaba since the last time they saw each other and made love.
*Glinda has a dream about Elphaba being alive and starts having powerful magic senses.
*Elphaba wonders if she should tell Fiyero about his daughter, Nor, who is trapped in the wizard's dungeon or the unknown god knows where, and his unknown son, Liir.

On the subject of Liir, that is where I bring you in this chapter...Liir's journey.
We last see Liir (in the book Wicked) trapped in the kitchen while Dorothy "exterminates" his "mother", Elphaba.
The story takes place after all that. Way after, and before Fiyero and Elphaba find each other. So I'm somewhat backtracking.

He still hadn't decided how he really felt about the witch's death.
He thought he'd somewhat be relieved, having to be able to technically be a free man and all.
But, deep down he sort of felt awry about the fact she had died, how she died, and how he didn't get a proper good-bye.
No, there could be no way he cared, in any way, about the witch.
Think of all the hard times she put on you, he thought.
But all that popped into his head is how she was always there, and that fish...that gold carp had, dare he say it, his mother?
No, she couldn't be, his skin wasn't green.
And Fiyero, that couldn't be his father because Liir had no hint of dark skin either.
In fact, Liir was the total opposite; he was pasty and pale.

In the heat of the moment he had agreed to escorting Dorothy and the Lion back to the wizard safely.
After, he then realized he had no idea where he was leading them, for he was always cooped up in the castle making him have no sense of location or direction.
This could be a problem, he thought.
He shrugged it off and just continued leading them, in circles if it may be.
"What about the Tinman and Scarecrow?" Dorothy asked.
Her voice was alarming to Liir, for they were under an awkward silence for so long, which had made her voice almost sound strange and out of place in the night air.
"We can search for them, if you want," Liir said, almost weakly, swallowing fear of her discovering his "handicap".
He led them to the edge where their two companions had been thrown off earlier, but for some strange reason, the Scarecrow had gone missing.
There lied the Tinman, badly dented and unconscious, but the Scarecrow was nowhere to be found, not even a stray straw.
Liir rolled his eyes as Dorothy and the Lion attempted to help the Tinman, and sat back as he watched lazily.
After moments of watching them flutter and struggle, he gave in and helped them heave the rusty tin person over the ledge.

A few hours went by, and the sky was completely dark.
Liir could tell the group was slowing down, due to tiredness and weak from hunger.
He stopped suddenly and each, one by one, bumped into the next, obviously from lack of observation and attention.
"We can rest in that forest of willows," Liir suggested.
The rest nodded in response and chose two trees that seemed the closest together, just incase something happened during the night.
The Tinman and the Lion shared one tree, while Dorothy and Liir shared the second, which was Liir's suggestion, of course.
"It'll be much more safer if you're with me," he stated.
But all he really cared about was somehow getting Dorothy all to himself, and possibly getting her to suddenly fall madly in love with him.
Yet, he couldn't quite forgive her for what happened with Elphaba.
He couldn't put his finger on it...

A/n: so hopefully the following explanations will help :) Also this story contradicts Son of a Witch for the sole purpose of fitting into the story I have created.
*In the book (Wicked), Liir and the Lion are locked in the kitchen while Elphaba goes after Dorothy, they get to the tower, and Dorothy kills her when Elphaba catches on fire.
*Also in the book, Liir almost drowns in a well when playing hide-and-seek with the other children. He is left down there for days and claims to have spoken to a magic gold carp who tells him that his real parents are Elphaba and Fiyero. (I think I mentioned this in a previous chapter but it doesn't hurt to do so again.)
*I love how half of this is book related...when Elphaba sees the group coming her way (for she knew they had come to kill her), she sends bee's and monkeys and crows out to somehow get them away...or killed...what ever came first. In this attempt she gets the Tinman and Scarecrow thrown off a ledge to the hill.
*I think I also mentioned this...but Liir is in love with Dorothy, if the chapter wasn't already enough.
*Also book wise, Fiyero is dark skinned and has blue diamonds all over his body as tribal markings.
Sorry it was a short chapter, but I wanted to update and what I originally had for this chapter was longer, and there's no way I'd finish it in time as I planned.
But I'm going to hopefully update the next half soon.
Please review :)
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