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Chapter Ten - Out of a Dream

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Continuation of Chapter a sense. Fiyero and Elphaba in the woods.

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A/n: Sorry for taking forever to update this story.
I had a really amazing idea for a new story (Wishing Only Wounds the Heart) and I really got into that for a while.
I'm continuing from Chapter 8...I'll update the Liir part next chapter :)
So, without further ado...

"Elphaba, Fae, we need to relocate by nightfall," Fiyero said concerned. "It's getting colder and soon it will snow. We can't risk any of us getting sick, or you getting wet."
"Yero, I'm afraid," Elphaba said shakily.
"Don't worry, we'll find shelter in time and you wont get hurt," Fiyero said soothingly.
"Not about that, about how they think I'm dead, and if they catch us, I could lose..."
He put him arms around her waist and held her close, making her forget what she was about to say.
He traced the outline of her jaw with his finger, ever so lightly, and she closed her eyes awaiting the expected.
He softly placed his lips on hers and they shared a sweet kiss.


The dirt shifted under their feet as they trudged through the woods seeking a new shelter...a new beginning.
Life on the run was no picnic.
Always watching their back, covering their tracks, and never getting a real night sleep... that is no way to live, especially when you're in love.

Elphaba clutched him closer to her in fear that her dream would come true.
She looked around every tree and identified every shadow, making sure nothing would take them from each other again.
He could feel her trembling beside him and he wrapped his arm around her waist.
"Don't worry. I will protect you from anything that comes our way."
Fiyero flexed his muscle which made her smile ever so slightly, but it was a smile none the less.
"Yero, my hero," she replied as a soft sigh was released from her lips and she laid her head on his shoulder.

Hours had gone by and still nothing.
No sign of shelter, or life as a matter of fact.
Suddenly Elphaba came to a complete stop, which startled Fiyero and made him jump.
"Elphaba, what is it?"
"Fiyero...," Elphaba's face turned pale, starting to shake.
He grabbed her shoulders, trying to ease what fear she had seemed to accumulate and suffering from.
"Fiyero, no...look!"
She pointed behind him, and as he released his hold on her, he turned to face her gesture direction.

Out in the clearing was a hut.
"What would you know..." he stuttered.
"There's smoke, Fiyero," she mumbled in disbelief.
"Elphaba, no..."
He was almost too late.
Her knees gave out and she was inches away from the ground when he rushed in to catch her.
He was just in time.
Their things now scattered on the floor, and him kneeling on the ground holding his love, "What a sight we must be..." he sighed out loud.
He wondered about who could be in that hut, and if it was safe to go in for help.
They desperately needed a place to stay the night, the sky was getting darker, the night air was slowly drifting in, and Elphaba was getting weaker by the moment.
Rain clouds were slowly sneaking up on them, and Fiyero decided he had no other choice but risk what could be in that hut.
"Elphaba would kill me if she knew what I was up to." And with that he smiled and walked up the path to the hut, somewhat dreading what he'd find, but he knew he had to tend to his Fae above all other things.

A/n: I hope you enjoyed that chapter. It was slow at the beginning but I think I got more into it as I went on.
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