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Chapter Eleven - Awaking to Confusion

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A Liir chapter continuation from chapter 9.

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A/n: I'm going back to Liir in this chapter.
I'm, still unsure if I'm going to make 2 chapters about him in a row...or just put everything I need in this one.
Then I definitely need to make a Glinda chapter lol.
Oh and most of the Liir and Glinda chapters are influenced by Son of a Witch.
Well...enjoy :)

A bird stirred in the leaves of the willow tree above Liir's head.
He awoke, groggy eyed, and sat up immediately in disturbance.
Something was missing...something was not right.
He looked around for Dorothy, but she was nowhere to be found.
It wasn't like the willow was so big she wandered off and got lost.
But sometimes she seemed so stupid, that Liir could imagine it happening to her.
With that final thought, he chuckled to himself lightly.

He was somewhat relieved to have ridden of her.
She had been up the whole night, talking bout her life story, and how she was sorry about Elphaba.
It got to the point where he couldn't take her voice anymore or her giddiness.
Her staying awake and talking kept him awake.
He was not a happy camper.
He also couldn't stand that mutt of hers.
Barking at every little wind movement and owl hoot.
He secretly wanted to wait till she fell asleep and somehow get rid of the dog.
But that was too mean for even the Witch to do.
What a nuisance they had become to him.
He almost wished he had chosen to share a willow with the Lion, or Tinman, not to mention in the woods, which almost seemed alive.
He had realized his love her for was a silly childish phase, which he soon grew out of over night, to an almost loathing state.

He stood up and stretched with a yawn.
Liir took one last look around before he opened the vines and passed through.
The sun was high in the sky, signifying that it was noon, or somewhere passed it.
A swarm of birds were circling the meadow across the way, ready to swoop at their next unsuspecting prey.
He hobbled over to the residing tree that had held the Lion and Tinman.
If they were still there or had left with the girl, he was uncertain.
"Hello?" he called out testing.
A low grumble was heard from inside and a ruffle of grass as if someone, or something, was twisting and turning on the ground.
Liir decided upon slowly entering the "chamber" and at once found the Lion curled up in a ball against the trunk of the tree.
Liir looked around, but there was no sign of the Tinman.
He shrugged his shoulders and walked over to the slumbering Lion.
"Lion, wake up. Now I say!"
The Lion shot up in utter surprise and let out a weak growl in mid-air.
Liir stood there for a moment, not quite sure what to make of what just happened, or what to do next.
The Lion grabbed his tail and held it in front of him as if it were a security blanket, shielding him from all that could harm him.
"Where are Dorothy and the Tinman?" Liir prodded.
The Lion looked down at his feet and twirled his tail in his hands for a few moments before answering what seemed like a tough question.
Liir's expression stayed the same, unreadable and bare.
"Where'd they go? Why? And why did they leave without me...or you."
Liir couldn't grasp why Dorothy would just up and go without him, especially when he was their guide out of there.
He knew he had no idea where he was going, but he knew the native tongues off all the people in Oz.
That's the one thing he was grateful for Elphaba giving him.
"Well...uhm...they left me behind to tell you...uhh...a message."
The Lions gaze never left the floor.
"Get on with it then!" Liir shouted.
The Lion backed away slightly, but noticeably.
Liir hadn't realized how loud he had been and bowed his head in apology, hoping the Lion would still give him the message left for him.
"Oh, Dorothy had said to tell you...that...uh...she had to continue the trip on her own."
"Did she say why?"
"Yeah, uh...she didn't want you more involved then you already are. Especially if you are the son of the Witch, the Wizard could possibly do something to you. She had already taken one life and she couldn't manage to have to take another one, or watch. Let alone know that it was her fault."
Liir looked at the Lion in amazement.
The Lion looked up after his deep speech and shyly brought his head back down to ground level, to examine his bottom paws.
"What about the Tinman?"
Liir had wondered if Dorothy took him along, and if so, why.
"He ventured out into the woods to examine the trees, maybe even cut some down."
"Is he coming back?" Liir didn't want to be left alone, or in charge with this Animal.
"I don't know...he never said."
"What use are you to me?" he said angrily.
The Lion shifted his body so he wasn't entirely facing Liir anymore.
"I'm just a cowardly Lion, who lacks the courage needed to survive in life."
Liir couldn't help but feel bad for the creature, but he didn't have the patience or will power to help the Lion, or ability to take care of both of them.
He was only 12 for Lurlina's sake!
The winter season was trudging on and Liir needed to find soon as possible.
"Whatever," Liir finally said, after carefully assessing the situation. "I'm going to head back to Kiamo Ko. I'm going through the woods, so if I so pass the Tinman, I'll let him know your still here and to take you with him where ever he goes."
The Lion looked somewhat disappointed that Liir wasn't taking him with him, but he was genuinely glad that Liir thought about finding a way to take care of him.
"T-t-thanks," the Lion stuttered in appreciation. "But I'll just go in my own."
To escape the Lion's seemingly loving gaze, Liir turned on his heels and exited the willow tree.

As he reached the border between the woods and the meadow, he looked back the Lion's willow tree and shouted back, "Good bye Lion take care."
He knew it was the right thing to do, what Elphaba would want him to do.
Just as he has entered the ever darkening woods, he could swear he saw a green figure atop the adjacent hill, walking towards the meadow.
He shook his head, knowing it couldn't be true, and continued on his path to find the Tinman, and his way back home.

A/n: I liked that chapter somewhat.
And I'm going to make the next chapter a Liir chapter too b/c there's more I need to put in that needs to be said.
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