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Chapter Tweleve - Nothing Goes Unnoticed

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Chapter 12: Nothing Goes Unnoticed

He could have sworn....

No it couldn't have been...Elphaba is dead.

He was sure of it....

He shook the ludicrous idea out of his head and carried on his way.

It was just my mind playing tricks, he tried to convince himself.

The woods grew darker and the air thicker.

Everything seemed to move and creek in the eerie wind.

Glowing eyes upheld in high branches of twisted trees, and random bird calls had made the tiny hairs on his body stand up.

With every step, a twig snapped, a leaf crinkled, and he got uneasy about his surroundings.

"Where is the Tinman for goodness sake?"

Liir wandered aimlessly, knowing he must have gotten lost along the way.

He was positive he was lost, for the blatantly obvious fact that he didn't know the area, well any area, at all.

It was getting colder, getting darker.

If it wasn't for the pale moonlight, that illuminated the sky, he'd had been blind in the complete darkness.

Clouds were slowly forming overhead, and Liir knew he hadn't much time before they covered the moonlight and left him unable to see any longer.

He discovered a hallowed out tree truck that seemed he would be able to take shelter in for the night.

Although he was mostly hidden within the wood, and out of plain sight, he still couldn't shake the feeling of him always being watched.

He attempted to get comfortable, which seemed to be quite hard when squished in a tree, but he managed.

He looked up at the night sky and watched the stars twinkle.

The once forming cloud had been completed and slowly drifted towards the moon as if magnetized.

The world around him went pitch black, and a cool wind brushed against his cheek, fluttering his hair.

He closed his eyes, and at the touch of the wind, he pictured Elphaba brushing his hair back with a soft green hand.

With a yawn, and a lone tear forming in the corner of his closed eye, he fell asleep to the soft hoots of the owls.

He was startled in the morning by the echoing screams of a woman.

Liir bumped his head in the tree, not realizing where he was, and scrambled out on all fours.

He stood up and swept off the dirt and foliage that had accumulated on him.

He searched around to see who it had been, it sounded near.

There was no sign of life in this vacant area, nonetheless a damsel in distress.

He decided it had only been his wild imagination, or something that came to him in a dream.

He swore the voice sounded familiar, like a voice he had heard all his life.

He shrugged his shoulders, grabbed some berries that seemed safe from an adjacent bush, and set back on his never ending journey.

He searched the ground for the path he had followed, but he must have wandered off when the darkness took over the sky.

He nervously looked around him and deep inside he started to panic.

What was he to do?

He had no real food, no other clothes, and no sign of a place to bathe.

His only hope was to find the Tinman or a way back to Kiamo Ko.

Right now, both seemed equally impossible.

Then out in the distance, something shiny had caught his attention from the corner of his eye.

It was silver...almost metallic.

No, it was metallic.

The Tinman!

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