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Chapter Thirteen - Help is on the Way

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Glinda Chapter

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A/n: So sorry it's taking forever to update...I think I got a bug over break and I wasn't feeling well.

But it helps that nobody else updated as well so I didn't feel as bad lol.

Here's the next's a Glinda one :) and based bookverse.

Chapter 13: Help is on the Way

Glinda had been up the entire night, shaking and crying in her bed.

She couldn't wrap her finger around the idea of her Elphie being real.

She didn't dare sleep again, she was in a too fragile of a state to have another Elphie dream, and her heart was breaking all over again.

She rocked back and forth, trying to understand her dream, especially the last part.

She pictured Elphaba lying on the ground again, and Fiyero hunched over her almost weeping.

Tears formed in her eyes and she let out a soft cry.

"Elphie....why? Why did you leave me?"

Her emotions were becoming uncontrollable and she couldn't hold them in any longer or she'd bust.

She was filled with anger, sadness, depression, and despair.

There's got to be something I could do, she thought to herself. I'm having these dreams for a reason, and emotional breakdowns are NOT going to bring her back! I just don't know what to do!

She started crying in her hands, emotionally frustrated and mad at herself so being so clueless.

Not being able to help her friend was tearing her apart.

After a moment of silent weeping and feeling sorry for herself and Elphie, she came to a conclusion, "She HAS to be alive...I need to go find her!"

She ran to her wardrobe and pulled out her traveling clothes.

She had no idea where Elphaba was located, but she knew the surrounding scenery.

"This could take a few days," Glinda observed, with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

She grabbed a small bag and threw in some necessities, which became harder and harder because Glinda always seemed to need so much.

She gave in to leaving things behind she thought she once needed to live.

I need to focus on Elphie, she reminded herself. That is what's most important right now.

She sat down and sighed, wondering how she was going to do this.

Glinda walked to her desk and decided upon writing a note for her husband so he wouldn't be worried.

My Dearest Darien,
It may come to a shock that I am not here, but I have decided to go on a small trip to visit a friend whom I haven't seen since my school days. I'm not quite sure how long I will be visiting, but I will send a message when I know. I know you worry about me love, and how I've been acting rather strange this past week, but I assure you this trip will do me good, and when I return I will most definitely be back to my old self. Please do not worry about me, I'm fine.

Love always,

A silent tear ran down her soft, pale cheek, and she sat up shaking.

"This is it," she sighed. "This will change my life forever...."

She went down stairs with her bag and entered the grand hallway.

She looked around one last time, not knowing when she'd be back.

She sent message to her carriage driver that she needed to be escorted out of the emerald city and the palace for a trip.

She stood outside, in the glorifying sunlight.

Although the warmth touched her skin, she couldn't feel it.

Her body was trembling and she was scared of what she would find.

Maybe her dreams were just that, dreams, not real in any sense, except hopeful wishing.

She tried to hold herself together.

She couldn't breakdown now, not when her Elphie needed her.

Her mind wandered as she waited for the carriage on the stairs, and she came upon the thought of what she'd do if she was wrong, or dare she think it...too late?

Her eyes filled with tears but she pushed them away trying to be strong, and she saw the carriage pulling up through the vast palace gates.

I have to be strong for Elphaba, she reminded herself as she approached the awaiting carriage.

"Good day," the driver greeted her. "Where to, Miss Glinda?"

"Good day sir, I'm actually visiting a dear friend, and she had forgotten to send me her address, that silly girl," Glinda said as she tried to hide her real feelings behind a playful smile. "I do know that she is located by some willow trees and a meadow. Would you know of where that is located?"

The driver concentrated for a moment, trying to locate where Glinda was talking about.

"Well Miss, there's only one place that I know of that seems to match what you have described." The driver wore a silly smile that showed he was proud of himself.

"Where?" Glinda tried to hide her anxious and giddy tone.

"It's in the North Vinkus, a day or so outside The Great Kells. It's way outside that castle, uh... Kiamo Ko," he stated with a mental pat on the back and a goofy smile.

Glinda's heart stopped momentarily at the name of her best friend's death place.

"Are you alright miss?" the driver inquired at Glinda's frozen state.

She snapped out of it and replied, "Oh I'm sorry, yes that's it, I remember now. Thank you."

She gave him a warm smile and allowed him to help her into the carriage.

As they exited through the gates, she turned around and took one last look at her palace, and the life she was temporarily was leaving behind.

Hopefully her husband and her staff could take care of running the city while she was gone.

It wasn't as if she actually ran it, she was more of a figure for the city to look up to, and her advisors did most of the work, she just did the talking.

She turned back around, and she clasped her hands tightly together, in anticipation of her new journey, and reuniting with her best friend in the whole world.
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