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Chapter 2.

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the story continues. i wanna go really far with this story. but it might take me a while, so dont be suprised if i take my time!

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Walking back to our neighborhood, we talked about everything that happened that day and how much we liked the two new kids, bob and ray. I suppose it will be more fun with a bigger group. dont get me wrong, i love gee, frankie, and mikey to death, but some diversity wouldnt hurt, you know?
We arrived at my house, and i said my goodbyes to the guys, and headed in.

i wish i hadn't.

some kids walk into their homes and recieve friendly questions or endearments from the parents, such as 'hi honey, how was school?' or sweetheart, tell me about your day.'
i did not recieve anything of the sort.

however, i did see riley. the person i least wanted to see, in fact, wouldnt care if i ever saw him again.
he looked at me sternly and narrowed his eyes.
"where the hell have you been, girl" he spat at me, slurring his words about in a mixture of intoxication and fury.

"school, you know, the place where young people go to learn shit?" i smirked, quickening my pace a bit towards the stairs.
man, if looks could kill, id be lying lifeless on the ground right about now. but im sure he could still manage that on his own.

"get the fuck back here, bitch!" he grabbed my arm and held my face still as he came closer to it with his own. "you dont talk to me like that!" he slurred.
i realised the way i was talking wasnt going to get me anywhere except maybe the hospital. id rather not have to pay a visit to the hospital.

"yes, sir." i said, defeated. he held back his fist and hit me, square in the jaw. i whimpered in pain, stumbling down onto the floor as my hands shot up to my face. i didnt cry though, i wouldnt.
he gave me a dismissing look and i took my chance and ran to my room.
i shut the door quietly and stumbled over to the mirror.
a bruise was already forming on my jaw. great.

im telling you this story, so you will better understand my life. not a very pleasant way to begin a story, though. do you like drama? well if you do, youre in luck. because that was some serious drama right there. however thats really the only drama you'll see from me, just family life drama. my friends dont usually have drama going on because we arent a clique, we're almost like brothers and sisters.
well, except for gerard of course.
i love him, but in a different way then the others.
i stopped myself realising i was thinking about him like that again.

as if on cue, a rather quiet but alarming ticking noise was heard from the window. and then another. oh, someone was throwing a rock at my window. wait, someones throwing a rock at my window?! geez, i really dont feel the need for human interaction right now.
but i went over to the window to check it out anyway.
i opened it, to find a smiling gerard looking up at me.
i motioned my hand for him to come up, and he began climbing the tree beside my windowsill.
he came through the window and when his feet hit my floor, i quickly turned around realizing i had a bruise the size of an orange on my face.

"im really lonely, hannah. is it okay if i just chill out here?" he inquired, and i really did want him to stay more then anything, but i didnt want him to see my face.

whats the use, hannah? hes just going to see you tommorow anyways.

oh for the love of god, what are you, my conscience? thats the last thing i need right now!

well, too bad. i really think you could use some guidance right about now.

wait, so im getting guidance from myself? thats a little...odd.

no. well, yes. but who are you calling odd? you're the one taking to your own conscience.

oh shutup already! i then realized gerard was still standing there facing my back, waiting for an answer. i was too busy talking to myself. .....kay so thats a little awkward.

"oh umm, yeah. sure." i fidgeted, contemplating whether or not i should turn around and face him like a man. er, woman.
i decided yes, and slowly turned to face him.
he gasped, and raised his hand to his mouth.

"hannah, what happened to your face?!" he blurted out,coming closer and reaching out a hand to stroke your bruised face. when his hand came in contact, you winced in pain and stepped back.

"i hit my face on the door, because.." i searched for my words carefully, " stupid?" i finished. wow. real graceful.
he looked at me funny and scrunched his nose up into a face that, might i add, was quite adorable.
i laughed quietly. i suddenly craved a caramel frappachino. knowing gerard would be down with going to starbucks, i turned to ask him.

"wanna go to starbucks?"
"yeah, man." he replied. "i could really go for some coffee."
we climbed down from out the window and started walking to starbucks, it wasnt that far away. maybe about a five minute walk or so. the walk was unbearably quite, and it was starting to annoy me.
luckily, i could see the starbucks right up ahead and ran to it.

"hey, slow down, brody!" he yelled, and ran after me.
we entered the coffee shop and an inviting aroma hit me as soon as i stepped foot in the place. i took in the smell and made a small 'mmm' noise, and gerard smiled at me.

i started walking to the counter, and gerard followed. when i reached the counter, a girl our age asked politely what we would like to order. i told her what i wanted and waited for gerard to tell her his order. but he didnt say anything. i looked at him, and his head was turned and he was gazing at something. i peered around him and saw what he was staring at.

a girl.
an insanely pretty girl.
i frowned, she was much prettier then i was, and she had this punk rocker thing going on. it obviously intrigued gerard.
she caught his stare and she smiled back at him seductively.
i frowned even more, i was sort of regretting coming here.
i stood there, trying to get gee's attention, but i was the last thing on his mind right now. he started making his way over to the girl, leaving me standing there, envious.
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