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Squeezing Into Rental Cars and Steam

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"Shotgun!" Jepha cried, running to the shiny red rental car.
"Get in the backseat, where you BELONG!" Bert yelled as Jeph jiggled the door handle.
Bert, Lily, and Gerard walked together across the parking lot to the red Honda Civic in silence. Quinn had ran ahead, and was fighting with Jepha over front seat rights.
"Lily, you HAVE to be in the middle." Quinn stated, arms crossed, blonde hair sweeping across his angelic face. Lily looked at Gerard, "Well, you are the smallest." Gerard said with a shrug and a smirk.
Lily sighed and slid across the seats into the middle. She snapped on her seat belt and propped her feet up on the mini cd/storage-compartment between the two front seats. Gerard sat next to her on her left, Quinn on her right. Bert slid into the front seat, and almost simultaneously lit a cigarette. Lily put her hands in her lap as Gerard buckled his seat belt and got situated next to her. She stared at her hands, at her purple nail polish chipping from her short, neatly trimmed fingernails. She sighed and ground some more off with her other nails, trying hard to ignore the heat emanating off of Gerard's body. Gerard's body...that was as close as it had ever been....that smelled sweet..musky....
"God damn this car is small!" Quinn groaned, trying hard to buckle his seatbelt. He pushed the buckle into Lily's thigh in an attempt to buckle successfully, and failed. Lily scooted over a centimeter...and a bit more...
"Lily, can you scoot over more?" Quinn asked., becoming upset.
"Yeah, FATASS!" Bert said, exhaling smoke from the corner of his mouth.
Lily frowned anxiously, and turned her head to face Gerard, a helpless look on her face,
"Hey, would you mind...?" she asked, letting the sentence linger. Gerard nodded with a small smile,"Yeah..sure."
"Sorry.." she said as she pressed her body tightly against him, pushing him slightly closer to the window, which was beginning to steam up with their breath. Lily looked up at the ceiling as Quinn fumbled with his seatbelt. Her body temperature seemed to rise with each passing second she was pressed up against his skin, with each moment that Quinn took to perform the simple task of buckling a seatbelt. She could feel the pressure of his body, the blood pulsing through his pale, white skin. She could feel his chest rise and fall...his breath on her neck..the heat, the heat coming off of him. She felt so she was burning up from the inside...she could feel the fire crawling up her throat, licking her insides, searing off her skin....
"Is this thing broken?" Quinn asked.
Lily sighed.
"Oh, got it." Quinn said, relieved. Lily plopped back down in her seat, immediately staring at her hands. It was only a few seconds, but it seemed like hours. Her face felt warm. Gerard began to draw on the steamed up windows. Bert started up the car.
"Hey, can you roll down the window?" she asked Gerard, a hand to her crimson face.
"Oh, yeah." he mumbled, pushing the button and letting in fresh air.
Lily breathed in the cool breeze, closing her eyes and leaning her head back on the seat. She took in a deep breath, and exhaled. She wondered if anyone else could see...she was breathing fire.
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