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Gerard's Stomach Pain

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"So...are you coming or what?"
Bert stood in front of Gerard, arms crossed, a look of impatience on his face. He tapped his foot on the cement outside his tourbus. Gerard took one last drag from his cigarette and flicked it on the ground, "Sure. Where exactly are we going?"
Bert scratched his chin, "Some karaoke place. I don't know. Jeph says he knows where it is. It should be fun...maybe you can sing some Bon Jovi...for old times sake."
Gerard smiled, "Maybe. You driving?"
"Yeah...." Bert sighed, "I got stuck being the designated bitch...I just won't drink too much...just a little.." he said, squeezing his index finger and thumb together with a grin.
Gerard raised an eyebrow, "You better. Otherwise I'm getting a fucking taxi. Designated means no drinking, Bert."
Bert sighed, swearing under his breath, "Yeah...I guess so."
Gerard looked at the brightly lit tourbuses...people inside them moving about, getting ready to dream. He could see Lily through the window, hair up in a messy bun wearing a plain black sweatshirt and pajama pants. She was laughing. Laughing....
"Hey, did you know Lily's got a tattoo?" Bert said, staring at her in the distance, hand on the side of his face.
Gerard turned his attention to Bert, "No....what is it?"
"Yeah..." Bert said quietly, his face softened in the glow of the streetlights, "It's these squiggly lines..." His tore his eyes from the window, "It's her...sign. Aquarios or something.." he mumbled, running his hand over his neck, looking down at the pavement.
Gerard nodded, suspiciously. Bert was acting strange. "Where is it? I've never seen it before."
Bert looked up at the sky, "Its like..right here.." he said, casually pointing to his own shoulder blade.
Gerard nodded skeptically, "Cool..."
Bert sighed, "Anyway, its pretty cute..."
Gerard turned his gaze to Lily's bus once more. He stared at the lettering on the black metal, tracing the letters with his eyes. Saint Lily.
Suddenly the doors to the bus opened, Lily leaning outside, "Hey want to come in? Or are you just going to stay out there in the cold?"
Gerard smiled weakly. Bert's previously calm face erupted into a large grin.
"Nah, its ok...I should go to my own bus..." Gerard politely declined with a smile.
Lily smiled at him, "Ok..Bert?"
Bert shook his head, "I fear its Uncle Bert's bed time."
Lily laughed, grinning widely.
Gerard felt a sharp pain in his, it was his stomach..he hadn't eaten enough was nothing.
It was nothing.
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