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Lily's Tattoo, A Naked Jepha, A Stunned Bert, and A Confused Gerard

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Gerard had to get used to the fact that lily treated him differently. He thought about this one night, alone in his bunk,Frank snoring softly below him. He pulled back the curtains next to him, and looked out the window into the dark night, watching the passing cars, the streetlights...the stars. He thought about Kat...he thought about the tour..but mostly, he thought about lily. He missed that smile....that special smile she had, only for him. He never saw it anymore...but what was he to expect? He had a girlfriend. A girlfriend. And he was an asshole for even thinking about her. But he couldn't help it....he just liked her....nothing more...she was just beautiful....and he couldn't help it...there was nothing feelings...he loved kat. More than anything. Fuck, he sang songs about her. But Lily...there was something about her. The way she laughed. The way she sang on stage. The way she gave her all. That she stayed to talk to her fans. To sign autographs, take pictures, even when she was so fucking tired, she would do it. And that...was fucking amazing. meant nothing. He didnt feel anything...he couldnt feel anything.
The Taste of Chaos was in full swing. Lily had been spending a lot of time with The Used, and My Chem. She managed to stay out of trouble, unlike bert, who seemed to run into it at all times. Lately, cameras had been crawling the venue, and had managed to snag lily into interviews. She had promised steven she'd do a couple...but for the most part, she avoided it. On a particular day, after finishing a set, lily was walking back to her tourbus. She was looking forward to putting the finishing touches on her current knitting project, and was intent on making it to the bus without getting bombarded by anybody from Fuse. As she took a shortcut, she saw, in the distance, a naked man. She raised an eyebrow, and focused further. Naked indeed. As she walked closer, she noticed a camera...and a man that looked a lot like bert...even stood like him...
"Bert, please don'" Lily whined, struggling briefly, but it was futile.
Before she knew it bert had dragged her into the interview. Steven looked like he had struck gold, "Lily! From SAINT LILY, just so happened to be walking by..."
"Hi..." lily said with a grimace.
Bert grabbed her by the shoulders, "Here, why don't you stand here.."
He moved lily to the left side of the camera shot....which just so happened to be right next to....
"'re not REALLY naked, are you?" Lily asked, staring him straight in the eye,trying hard to maintain eye contact. Jeph grinned, holding a pineapple over, what bert called, his "danger zone". He held the pineapple in one hand and enveloped his tattooed arms around her, a huge grin on his pierced face.
Lily's eyes widened as she felt something small and soft on her leg.
She could hear bert's raspy laugh next to her.
Jepha proceeded to brush up against her with his pineapple, to which lily objected. Bert reached across steven to offer lily a large bottle of liquor, which lily politely declined.
Lily, instead asked steven about his makeup, which was a bar that ran across his face...much like gerard's current style.
"Ah, call me My Chemical Steven...gerard way did it for me.."
"Ohh..." lily said, swatting behind her at jeph, who was brushing his pineapple up against her repeatedly.
"I wish he'd do my makeup..." she said, across to bert, "Let's go after and see if he'll do it..."
Bert shrugged.
Lily rolled her eyes as bert took a swig from his bottle.
"Jeph, I SWEAR to god, stop rubbing your damn pineapple on me!" lily hissed, spinning around to face him.
Jeph chuckled, a bit taken a back, but amused nonetheless
"Well," steven said, "We can see jeph's tattoos...those are old were you when you got your first tattoo?"
"10" bert chuckled.
"Yeah." jeph agreed, inching closer to lily who glared menacingly at him, eyebrow raised.
"You've got a few tattoos bert, lets see them." steven asked. Bert pulled up his shirt to reveal a weird looking stick figure. Lily laughed.
"What?" Bert asked sarcastically, "Why are you laughing at me lily?" he asked, wide eyed, body language as if he was ready to fight, hands at sides, body swaying.
Lily put her hand over her mouth and laughed, "What the hell were you thinking when you got that?" she asked, muffling a laugh as she looked at bert's expression of feigned anger.
"I was thinking of you." bert retorted with a wink.
Lily laughed as steven turned to her, "So, lily, do you have any tattoos?"
"Psh, Yeah right...fucking pretty princess over there." bert grumbled, taking a gulp from his bottle.
"She's afraid of needles." jeph said, getting too close for comfort.
"Yeah," lily retorted, "that's why I don't want you near me right now."
Bert choked loudly, pounding his chest hard and laughing at the same time.
Steven laughed out loud, "Ouch, Lily."
"Honey, its not a needle. I think you'd find it big enough, maybe even too b- " Jepha began.
"Ok" steven interrupted loudly, "So you don't have any, lily?"
"No," lily said, calmly, "I do. Thanks, bert." she added, hitting him on the arm.
"Fuck," he said, swallowing a mouthful of alcohol, "I didn't know that." he said with a shrug.
"Well," steven said, "Can we see it?"
Lily thought about it, and nodded, "Sure."
Lily turned her back to the camera and pulled up her shirt, up to the base of her bra, then pulled up the back of it even more to show a tiny tattoo by her shoulder blade, no bigger than a silver dollar. Bert and jeph were completely stunned she had exposed so much skin so freely. Jeph could only manage to stare, and bert could only manage a soft, "Whoa" under his breath.
Steven kept his composure, but didn't manage to keep his face completely free of surprise,
"So, uh, what is that?" he asked, looking at the tattoo, and then at her bra strap, which lacy and turquoise.
"Its my sign," Lily said, turning her head back to the camera, "Im an Aquarius." she explained.
The camera got a close up, and lily pulled her shirt back down.
"Wow, that's nice." Steven said a bit wide-eyed.
Lily nodded, and stared at the ground, a smirk on her face.
She looked up to see bert staring at her, mouth open, face blank.
She turned to her side to see jepha doing the same thing.
"What?" lily laughed.
"Dude..." bert mumbled, "You just pulled up your shirt in front of me, lily...."
Jepha only stared at her in disbelief.
"Well, she was only showing her tattoo, we've since worse, believe me.." steven defended, smiling at the camera.
"Yeah, what about jeph?" Lily cried, "He's NAKED!"
After the cameras cut, bert looked at lily in a way she had never seen before. He had always known never to cross the line before with he was looking at her with this look in his eyes...this smug smile on his face...and she didn't know if it would go away when the liquor wore off.
"Bert?" she asked, arms across chest, a bit nervous at his reaction.
"Lily, I...fuckkk...." bert concluded in disbelief. "Dammnn...."
Bert couldn't seem to wipe a grin off his face, which was turning a crimson color.
Jeph, however, was not so speechless, "You want to get dinner sometime?"
Lily glanced at the pineapple and shook her head.

*Note from the author: This is the last update I have. I will write more soon...after I get some sort of feedback. It always inspires me too write more, so please tell me what you think. Thanks for taking the time to read my fic!
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