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*meeting eliza

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Lily sat on her bus, the only sound the tinkling of her knitting needles. She finished the row and frowned, looking at the stitches carefully...
Did I just add a stitch? Mother fucker.
Lily sighed and tore out the last row, carefully put the needle back into the loops, and tugged the already knit section, securing the yarn on the metal needle.
She frowned and stared at the progress she was making...
Lily looked up to see a cute, round face brunette standing on her bus steps.
"Hi..." Lily smiled, setting her knitting down in her lap.
"Im Eliza...mind if I come in?" she asked, looking around at the abandoned bus.
"No no, of course not..come in...I'm Lily." she said as Eliza took a seat next to her.
"I've heard about you... I love your music" Eliza said, crossing her legs,
Lily smiled, "Thank you...."
" I hate Kris, I had to do his hair once...what a whiny diva." Eliza said with an unsure smile, wondering if it was a touchy subject.
Lily laughed out loud, "Really? Oh my god, I can only imagine..."
Lily put her hand over her forehead, "I don't know what I was thinking...."
"Well, he's....good-looking..." Eliza trailed off.
Lily shrugged.
"Yeah,"Eliza agreed, "I don't know what you were thinking either."
Lily's face twisted into a look of surprise, then burst into laughter.
Gerard was right...she was cute....and she had a good sense of humor.
"Oh god...I cant believe I dated him...god...for how long? Only a couple months..but still..ugh"
Lily shivered at the thought, looking down at the knitting in her lap.
"Yeah well...its ok...we all date losers..." Eliza assured her, "Hey, you crochet?"
Lily smiled, "Knit."
"Ooohhh" Eliza said, looking at the pink mass in lily's lap, "What is it?"
"A hat...almost..."
Eliza nodded, tucking a stay strand of short brown hair behind her ear, "Well, I can honestly say, I'm glad you're here...I can only handle so much testosterone...being around it all day...every day.."
"I know what you mean.....I've been around it all my life...non stop for the past months...its like I'm a surrogate mother or something..." Lily said, picking up the needles in her lap and tapping them together, "How long have you been with MCR?"
"Uh..." Eliza counted on her fingers... "Not very long..a couple months..since warped."
Lily nodded.
Eliza looked at her hands, " You know, ive been hearing alot about you from the're very highly thought of."
Eliza said with a smile.
"Yeah?" Lily asked, smile spreading across her face, glowing at the thought.
"Yeah...I hear youre pretty good at uno..." Eliza grinned.
"I have my moments..."Lily admitted.
"Gerard talks about you... a lot..."
"OH? Really? I mean, not that I care, or anything..."
Lily awkwardly added, looking down at the misshapen mass in her lap.
Who was she kidding?
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