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I'm not a complete idiot.

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Mikey and Mel have known each other forever. Can one day change what they think of each other? And will it change to something more?

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Mel's POV

I ran up to my room and flopped onto my bed with a huge smile on my face. I did it. I actually kissed Mikey Way. I think I was just high off of my feelings for him.

And he kissed me back. That made me so happy. I think he likes me too. He seemed really happy after we kissed and- oh no. What if he doesn't like me? What if he just kissed back out of reflex and I was just so happy I didn't notice how much he hated it? I have to stop thinking like this. He said he liked me before, right? And at his grandmother's grave...

"Mel?" Ray's voice came accompanied with a knock on my door, interrupting my thoughts. "Can I come in?"

"Sure," I said cautiously, wondering what he had to say. "What's up?"

"It's about before. During practice, I did some things that I'm not particularly proud of," he started, blushing. "I know I'm really protective of you and I'm sorry."

"OK..." I said, uncertain of how to respond.

"So I'm telling you right now that you and Mikey will never work out. You'll never be together. You two are just so different. If he does anything, if he makes a move on you, tell me. I'll be sure to put him in his place," Ray said. I couldn't believe what I was hearing my older brother saying.

"What? You're telling me who I can and can't date now? Last time I checked, the only people that can do that are me and God. Not even Mom or Dad," I said angrily. Ray just sat on my bed, fining the comforter very interesting. "What makes you think that me and Mikey want to be together anyway?" I asked, suddenly panicked. Ray couldn't have seen us...

"I can just see the way you two look at each other. The way you liked staying so close to him. The way he wasn't the same after your 'magic discussion' in the kitchen. The way you were so eager to come to his rescue. The way he ran when we thought he was daydreaming about you. I'm not a complete idiot. I can pick up on these sorts of things," he said defensively. I snorted at the last part.

"Mikey and I aren't together, OK? We're...friends," I said, trying to sound convincing. Ray just gave me a knowing look as he stood up.

"Just be careful, OK?" he said, and he walked out, closing the door behind him. I shook my head and pounded my fist on the bed when my cell phone rang. I answered without looking at who it was.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hey Mel? It's Mikey. You think you could come over to our house for a little while?" Mikey said carefully. I was thankful for a reason to get out. I picked up my jacket and left my room.

"Yeah, I'm coming. Any specific reason why?" I asked. Just then I heard a wild cackling only Gerard is capable of coming from the background. This couldn't be good.

"Well..." Mikey started, but the phone was quickly snatched away by Gerard.

"MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I KNOW!!!!!" Gee said with his evil laugh. Mikey came back again as I held a confused look on my face that no one else could see.

"He knows about today. Please hurry," Mikey pleaded. I hung up and started running to their house as fast as I could before Gee could do anything. If I knew Gee, he'd be putting it all over the web. I only hoped that Mikey could hold Gee down. And I hoped that he had a damn good excuse.

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