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We were just having a little spork war.

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Mikey's girlfriend is going on Warped Tour. With the boys from Fall Out Boy, not My Chemical Romance. Things are going to get interesting.

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Chapter 1

Becca's POV

I followed Pete out to the bus where I was met with a huge hug from Patrick.

"Oh my God, it's been so long since I've seen you!" Patrick said. I smiled and kept hugging him. He finally let go and I hugged Andy and Joe. We got on the bus and I was shown to my bunk. Pete just stood there looking angry the entire time. I just ignored him.

"Hey, Becca, come here," Patrick said, noticing everything. He led me to the back and closed a door.

"What's his problem? He won't even look at me! We used to be such good friends. Wait, Patrick, did you tell him about me and Mikey?"

"Relax, he doesn't know. He's just a little mad at you for leaving and not contacting him I guess. You'll have to talk to him."

"Ok, but not now. I just want to relax," I said. We left and I flopped onto my bunk and fell asleep.


A couple hours later, I woke up to the sounds of the bus moving and a large argument.

"Pete, just give her another chance," came Andy's voice. I was surprised that he'd be arguing. He's usually quiet and calm.

"Give me a break! She's the one not givng me a chance!"

"You haven't even looked at her since she got on the bus," Joe reasoned. "And don't tell me you have looked at her, because I've been watching the two of you all day."

"She thinks that you hate her. She just wants to be your friend," Patrick said. I could picture his face.

"You guys are just making me even more angry than I already am. It's not enough that you tell me a day before we get her that she's coming with us. You guys want us to be best buddies. Sorry, but it doesn't work like that. Not after everything she's done to me," Pete said, his voice breaking at the end. There was a long silence and I could hear Pete leaving and slamming doors behind him. Patrick sighed, and I saw him in my mind rolling his eyes.

"Well guys, at least we tried," Andy said, trying to lighten the mood.

"I'll talk to him later. I think he needs to hear what I have to say," Patrick said. I decided to make my appearance.

"Sorry, but I couldn't help but hear. I'll talk to him when he's cooled off. Maybe this is what both of us need," I said. Joe and Andy looked at me, dumbfounded. Patrick just smiled knowingly.

"I knew you were listening. You can't help but get in the middle of these things, can you?" he asked me with an evil smile.

"Shut up or eat my spork!" I said, seeing a plastic spork and grabbing it. Patrick laughed and grabbed a spork too as Joe and Andy looked at us like we were crazy. I chased Patrick around the bus until he finally locked himself in the bathroom. We were out of breath from running and laughing so hard.

"Come on, Patrick, I promise we can have a truce," I said, not meaning it.

"No way! Once I set foot out of this bathroom, you'll attack me!" Patrick said, laughing. I laughed too, knowing he was right, and felt someone take my spork away.

"No! I've been de-sporked!" I moaned. I heard Patrick's victory yelp as he unlocked the bathroom door. I turned to see who had my spork just as Patrick opened the door. We both found a very angry-looking Pete with a spork in his hand. The smiles slid off of our faces and Patrick's spork dropped from his hand. The two of us stood there in shock as Pete broke the spork in two and threw it on the ground.

"Can't you guys grow up and stop making so much noise? I was trying to do something," Pete hissed angrily. Patrick and I just nodded, still in a state of shock.

"Sorry, Pete, we were just having a little fun," I said in a timid voice.

"Yeah, we didn't mean to disturb you or anything. We were just having a little spork war," Patrick said. Pete shook his head and walked away, slamming more doors shut. I looked down to my fallen weapon and Patrick followed my gaze. He suddenly got a very evil smile on his face.

"What's with the evil grin?" I asked cautiously. Patrick could play some pretty evil jokes if he wanted to.

"I'm just thinking that now I have a spork and you don't. You know what this means, right?"

"Umm, I run away now?"

"Exactly!" I ran into the bathroom behind us and locked the door. "No fair!"

"Yes fair, you did it too! Ok, can the spork war be over now?" I asked.

"Yeah, I guess." I walked out and Patrick grabbed me and started tickling me.

"No! Stop! I surrender!" I said between giggles. He stopped and held me down with his body. He looked down at me and we stayed there for a second before he got an evil smile.

"You know what this means?" he asked. I was afraid again.


"I totally win," he said smugly. He got up and sauntered away while I stayed on the floor, laughing my head off.

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