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Waking Up

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Lily opened her eyes to Frank, Ray, and Mikey hovering over her. She focused her eyes, and looked around her. She was on My Chemical Romance's tour bus....tangled in Gerard's arms. He had his face buried in her hair...and she was in his bunk. Lily sat up quickly, causing Gerard to grumble.
"ITS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE." she blurted, running her hands over her hair.
"What?" Gerard asked sleepily, struggling to open his eyes. When he finally opened them, he opened them wider, "Oh, hey there guys!" he said, sitting up quickly. Frank laughed and walked away. Ray shrugged, and crawled into his own bunk. Mikey just stared at Gerard, frown on his face, and shook his head. Lily hopped out of the bunk and made her way down to the other end of the bus. "What?" Gerard asked Mikey in an accusatory tone before he leapt out of bed, running down the bus and hopping off the stairs to catch lily.
"Hey." he said, grabbing her arm.
She spun around, hair matted and worn from sleep,
"Gerard...last night..." she began anxiously, "I had a bit too much too drink...I didn't know what I was doing, I know you have a girlfriend and I'm sorry, ok?" she blurted, bringing her hands up to run through her hair nervously.
Gerard's heart sunk, "I know you were drunk...but not knew what was going on, lily. You knew what you were doing, don't deny it." he said, almost pleading. Last night happened...
Lily shrugged, arms wrapped around herself, "Well, so did you. You weren't drunk at all"
"You're right.." Gerard nodded, looking at the ground.
"Why are you doing this to me?" Lily asked, arms crossed tightly.
"Doing what?" Gerard asked.
"Leading me on like this. You have someone. I have noone. You have someone to call and tell about your day...tell them you love them and how much you miss them and shit...I have nobody." Lily began, pointing at herself, " And last night, you had to do that. You had to kiss me, and make me seem like I meant something, like I was special, when Im not the one you call." Lily's eyes started to water, "I'm not the one you kiss goodnight. Im not the one you call when you're having a bad day. Im NOT the one you write songs about. Im just here, so you can survive 3 months without getting any!"
"No" Gerard objected, "That's not true- "
"No Gerard, it is. I mean nothing. Im not your girlfriend. Im just a joke, and so is our relationship."
Yes. It felt good. Yes. It felt like everything I ever wanted. But, he has a girlfriend. And its not me. And he won't make any changes. Because I'm not important. I'm no more than tension, than lust...than butterflies.
I am nothing.
Lily is nothing.
And I'll never be anything more to him.
And that's what hurts the most...
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