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Gerard's Apology

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Lily woke up, in a soft, fluffy bed. She opened her eyes and looked at the white feather comforter on top of herself, and touched it absentmindedly. Her eyes were wet. This had been quite common lately...waking up with tears in her eyes. After that night, there was a break in the tour. All the bands were resting for a bit, staying at some ritzy place. Lily lay in bed, reluctantly thinking about what had happened only a few days ago. She stared at her pillows, a look of contempt spreading across her face. She couldn't believe she exploded like that. Like a fucking soap opera. But, she had every right to be dramatic. She shouldn't have her heart dragged around like that. It wasn't fair of gerard to expect Lily to be ok with be ok with wishing, hoping, he'd dump his girlfriend, and choose her over the women he had written so many love songs about. To be alright with waiting, like a lovestruck fool in the sidelines for gerard to make a change. But it wouldn't happen, and lily knew it. She didnt want to be the one to end any relationship anyway, and it made her slightly sick thinking that she had been the one to break gerard's fidelity...or was she? Maybe he had done this before? Maybe he would dump her...maybe Lily truly meant something to Gerard. She thought about the look on his face...the way he stared at her...
Fuck, he was crying for God's sake. The way he touched her, so gently, so...softly. Like he truly cared about her. And the way he kissed her lips... Lily sighed. Was she kidding herself. She snuggled into her sheets, trying to push the thoughts from her head.
As she became comfortable, her phone rang. The generic, shrill ring filled the previously calm room. Lily put her hand over her face and sighed. She reluctantly picked up the phone, silencing it,
"Please hold while you are connected...." a robotic voice said on the other line.
"Right.."Lily mumbled, looking at the digital clock next to her. 10:30.
"Hello?" said a wary voice.
"Yeah...." Lily said, eyebrow raised.
"Can we talk?"
Lily's heart felt like it was being squeezed like a lemon...veins popping out like seeds...blood trickling like juice.
"What is there to talk about?" she asked coldly, trying hard to hide her pain.
"...A lot." Gerard mumbled.
His voice sounded sad.
" you're going to tell your girlfriend you cheated on her?" Lily said, trying hard to maintain a steady heartbeat.
She could hear Gerard breathing on the other line.
"Oh," Lily breathed, "Well, you should get on that....after all, infidelity is frowned upon these days. Unless you consider me to be your mistress or something."
"Lily," Gerard began, "Why are you so upset?"
Lily couldn't believe her ears. She took a deep breath,
"Geard..." she started, "I don't like..." she paused for a moment before she continued, "I don't like having my heart dragged around. I don't like being kissed, and then told, 'oh girlfriend'. I mean, what the hell? Basically, I don't like being led on. I can't wait around while you decide what you want. It's just not fair..."
Gerard was silent.
"Do you understand?" Lily pressed.
"I'm sorry." Gerard whispered.
"What?" Lily asked.
"Im sorry." Gerard repeated.
"Me too." Lily said. "Do you at least UNDERSTAND what I'm talking about?"
"Yes..." he said quietly, "I just...I don't know."
Lily sighed, "That's what I'm talking about. I can't deal with you 'not knowing'."
Gerard sighed, "Listen, I'm sorry. I apoligized. We can't take back what happened. Its in the past, its done."
Lily shrugged her shoulders, hand on forehead.
"So..."Gerard continued, "Let's call a truce, ok?"
Lily raised an eyebrow skeptically, "A truce?"
"Yeah. Lets be friends again."
Lily couldn't help but laugh, "Ok then..but don't expect me to be waiting in the's not like anyone really knew what happened anyway." she said with a shrug.She could deal with..friends...or..could she? It's not like she had much say in the matter anyway. She couldn't force him to do anything.

Gerard laughed, "Lily, were screaming at me in front of my tourbus at 8 in the morning. I think the whole tour knows whats happened.."

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