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The AP Spread

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Honestly, Lily didn't want to go to the tour meeting. Honestly, she didn't want Eliza to bother her about "what happened" or ask her whether Gerard was a good kisser...which he was but....she didn't want to think about it. But, she knew she had too, and she threw on some clothes and headed to the elevators to meet everyone in the dining room. She did take care to make sure she looked really make everyone's head turn...and Gerard look like even more of an idiot than he was. She pulled on her black sunglasses and closed her door, tucking her key card into the pocket of her straight leg jeans. Her ballet flats patted the carpeted hotel floor softly as she made her way to the elevator.
Lily pushed the down button and waited. The elevator beeped and the doors opened slowly. The elevator was empty, except for a elderly couple, probably on their way to the breakfast buffet. Lily smiled politely and stepped inside, making sure to push the button to the lobby. The elevator stopped on the fourth floor. The doors opened to reveal Bert and Jeph. Perfect. Lily adjusted her sunglasses, giving them a tense smirk, leaning her head back on the elevator wall. She wanted to slam her head against the wall. Repeatedly.
Bert stood next to her, "You woke me up yesterday." he said, hands in pockets, looking up at the ceiling.
"Yeah right." Lily said staring at the illuminated buttons.
"Quite the scene." Bert mumbled.
"I was feeling dramatic." Lily muttered, unwilling to go into detail.
"Ok guys, listen up." Brian said, hands in the air.
Lily was relieved that someone was talking. She was tired of people trying to get the latest gossip out of her. She just wanted a huge sign to carry around that read, "NO I DID NOT SLEEP WITH HIM". That would clear things up...but then again, it probably wouldn't. The group went silent, and Brian continued,
"Ok you guys, I'd like to introduce our reporters from AP."
Four people sitting in fold up chairs stood up and waved nervously.
"AP will be doing a big section on this tour, and on every band in, these reporters will be hanging around for a week, getting to know each and every one of you personally...but not TOO personally, Bert." Brian added with a self satisied grin and a wink.
Bert cackled abnoxiously, like an old woman.
Brian clasped his hands together. Lily caught Gerard's gaze from across the room. FUCK.
"So, each band will have a couple pages, and a photo spread...pretty good, huh? A good way to promote, I'd say."
Everyone mumbled in agreement.
"So..."Brian continued, "There's a catch."
Lily perked up, paying particular attention.
"Can each lead singer stand up?" Matt said, standing up at Brian's side.
Lily frowned, standing up akwardly, along with Gerard, Bert, and the guy from Killswitch Engage..Howard? Was that his name?
Lily looked around, searching the others faces for a clue as to what was going on.
Matt proceeded to speak, smiling at Lily, "You guys get your own personal photographer following you around for 4 hours a day."
Lily's face fell in surprise. Bert looked like a little boy on Christmas. Gerard looked confused.
The remaining band members began cheering and clapping.
"Since you guys represent the band, its not to keep you under surveilance..."
Lily was assigned a photographer named Amy. She had short black hair, almost boyish, and was very quiet. Lily wouldn't mind much.
As she walked back to her hotel room, Amy followed. They would be discussing their schedules, and the best times to come and take pictures.
Amy adjusted her square framed glasses, "I like to come in the morning, I find it fascinating the way people look when they wake up..just some nice, soft front of those curtains..." She said, staring at the billowing white silk drapes.
Lily shrugged, "Ok...just as long as I don't look TOO never know when I wake up..could be a disaster."
Amy didn't seem amused. Instead, she wrote something down on a small notepad.
Lily pouted her lips akwardly.
Amy pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose, "I prefer more intimate shots...more" Amy said, making hand gestures.
Lily nodded, "I that."
Amy nodded, "Great." and scribbled down in her notepad once more, "So you'd be ok with some nudity, then?"
"What?" Lily laughed.
Amy's face remained blank. She pushed up her glasses once more, pen in hand.
"I take that as a no.." she said, making a note with her ballpoint.
Lily touched her neck uncomfortably. This would be an interesting week.
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