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Eliza's Visit

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For the next week and half Lily would be living comfortably in her hotel room. No cramped bus bunk, but a nice, fluffy bed. In addition to her personal stalker, Lily was feeling a bit stressed under a lot of pressure. She had an interview in two hours. She had the VMA's in a month. She had to find someway to get Amy off her ass. And she had to find someway to make things normal again.
As she sat in front of her mirror, she thought about how to make things...less awkward. Shake him by the shoulders? Scream at him? Start making out with Bert to spite him? Lily sighed. None of those ideas would suffice. She tried hard to ignore the clicking of the camera lens behind her, and went about her business. She picked up her cell phone and called Eliza,
"Hey girl..I'm ready."
Eliza arrived in a few minutes. Lily opened the door, wide eyed, silently hinting at Amy's presence. Eliza smiled, and said hello to Amy politely, and began to take out various brushes and powders. She would be doing Lily's makeup for her interview on Steven's show in the next 2 hours.
"Soo.." Eliza said, taking out some powdered foundation and tapping the lid with her forefinger,"" she said with a suggestive look.
Lily signaled with wide eyes to Amy sitting across the room, watching them out of the corner of her eye.
"Don't mind me." Amy said, changing the film in her camera, "I'm not the one writing. I just take the pictures."
Lily looked at Eliza skeptically. Eliza shrugged and put her hand on Lily's chin, running an swab drenched in oil, dirt, and makeup remover over her face.
Lily took one last glance at sighed, "Well, he said he wants a 'truce', and that we should be friends."
Eliza snorted as she dipped a brush in liquid.
"Yeah," Lily agreed, "And get this: he 'doesn't know' " she said, making quotes with her fingers.
"That is such bullshit." Eliza mumbled, lightly painting Lily's face with moisturizer.
"Yeah well, I still feel like shit." Lily said, stealing a wary glance at Amy, "I mean, who's proud of..coming between a relationship?" She mumbled the last part, "I mean, I feel bad about what happened. It's not like I was the one who started it, but I still feel like shit because I don't want to ruin his relationship with his precious kitten." she said, resentment dripping from the words like venom.
"You didn't ruin anything, he did." Eliza said, brushing a light concealer over her face, "He made the decision, and went with it."
Lily nodded, "'re right."
"And as for you feeling like shit, don't even worry about it." Eliza said, patting her on the shoulder, "Just... brush it off."
Lily sighed.
"I mean, just treat him like you do Bert." Eliza said picking up a small jar of black, glittery eyeshadow.
Lily laughed, "That varies. It really depends on Bert. But, I get what you're saying."
"Yeah," Eliza agreed, "AND, it will drive him crazy. Every guy wants to be special. Treat him like your brother, he'll hate it. Be perfectly fine. Have fun...or at least look like you're having the time of your life whenever you see him. That's revenge, my love."
Lily thought about what Eliza had said as she closed her eyes.
"So...just live?" Lily asked for verification.
"Yeah,"Eliza nodded, "Just live."
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