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Act Casual

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Matt told Lily the general idea of the interview. Fans had sent in questions, and she would answer them. People had been quite charmed by her friendship with Bert and Gerard, and they were eager to see them all together in an interview. Lily was less than thrilled. She broke the seal off her mini bar, and took a small bottle of vodka out of the tiny fridge. She cracked the seal and twisted it open, "Gonna take a picture of this?" she asked Amy, a look of apathy on her face. Amy shook her head. Lily downed the miniature bottle in moments. That should make the interview easier. She looked at herself one more time in the mirror. Eliza had given her smoky, glittery, black eyeshadow on her eyelids, and long, long black eyelashes. Lily had gathered her hair into a bun, and had carefully pinned a black head scarf into place, side bangs tucked neatly behind her ear. She wore a pleated navy blue skirt, boots, and snug/flattering shirt with two life-like rabbits on it, depicted lying peacefully in the grass, butterflies and bees humming around them. She layered a small studded belt at her waist, outside of the loops hanging loosely at her hips, giving a rebelious attitude. She wore a layered pearl necklace, and bangles on one wrist, and a large, fake pink diamond ring on one hand. She had shaved her legs specially for the occasion, and sported a hidden band-aid underneath her right sock. She grabbed her purse, a black tote with a big magenta lipstick-print across the front, and slipped her card key inside. She left the hotel room, leaving Amy to follow behind. She slid on her sunglasses with a sigh, and found herself standing at the elevator once more. 20 minutes later, she met Gerard and Bert.
"Hey..." she sighed, clutching her purse tightly.
Amy stood behind her awkwardly.
"Heyy...." Bert said, eyeing Amy suspiciously.
"She's not a reporter." Lily reassured him.
Bert shrugged.
Gerard stood there, silent.
Lily raised an eyebrow, "HEY Gerard." she said, emphasizing her greeting.
"Hey.." he said quietly, looking at the ground.
What. The. Hell. She felt anger rising up inside her. /FRIENDS MY ASS/
She sighed angrily, and held back the words spinning through her head .Lily remembered what Eliza had said....treat him like bert....
So...should she kick him? Mess up his hair? Tell him to take a shower?
"Uh...are you guys going to fight, or what?" Bert asked, looking from one to the other.
Gerard glared at him, silently, "No, but I can kick you in the balls if you want."
Bert smiled, "I would love that." he said, closing his eyes.
Gerard looked at Lily, "How's the paparazzi over there?" he asked as Amy took a shot of them standing together, looking significantly unhappy and pouty.
Lily quickly thought of her response....How would she treat her brother? Act casual...
"Yeah.." Lily sighed, "Whatever.."

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