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Man to Man

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Before the interview, Bert and Gerard stood together outside the building. Bert slouched, smoking a cigarette. They stood in silence.
"Hey.." Gerard began, "Can I bum one of those?" he asked, breaking the void.
Bert took the box out of his pocket and flicked the carton open. Gerard took one, and Bert handed him his already burning cigarette to light his own. Bert hadn't spoken a word to him besides a hello.
"What?" Gerard sighed, smoke curling from the corners of his mouth.
"What you did was fucked up." Bert said, glancing at Gerard with narrowed eyes.
"Oh god, don't tell me-" Gerard blurted, only to be cut off.
"Didn't we already talk about this. You HAVE A GIRLFRIEND. Stop fucking around with her." he said, flicking the ash off of his cigarette.
Gerard had seen that look before, after the video shoot, "Bert, I know I have a girlfriend, and I feel like shit for what I did -"
"You should." Bert said.
Gerard stared at him, a look of hopelessness on his face.
"Look," Bert said, dropping the filter to the ground, "You're like my brother. And Lily... I love that girl. I don't like it when you fuck around with her head. And what you did, was fucked."
"You don't even KNOW what I 'did'.." Gerard defended, "And you OBVIOUSLY want Lily, don't be fucking stupid."
Bert laughed, "Who wouldn't? You're a fucking retard for not dating her when you had the chance. You had it, right there. You had a fucking hot chick, with this fucking..AMAZING personality, who obviously WANTED you, and you lost it. All for some bitch in Jersey who can't even call you once a week." Bert smashed the cigarette butt.
Gerard breathed in deeply, the smoke burning his lungs as he sharply inhaled, "I know..." Gerard mumbled, "I just have so much depending on Kat. I've built my life around her...I'm just."
"Afraid?" Bert finished, hands in pockets.
Gerard shrugged, then nodded as he flicked the ash off the tip.
Bert sighed, head tilted back to look at the cold winter sky, "'ve got to end it sometime. It's gonna happen. Meanwhile...Lily's free game." Bert said, raising his eyebrow to test gerard's reaction.
Gerard swallowed hard. He took a drag off his cigarette, and shrugged. He was screaming inside.
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