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"Goddddd!!!" Lily groaned, covering her eyes from the bright white light, recoiling into Bert.
"Sorry about that, love." the lighting technician said with a small wave and an apologetic grunt.
Lily frowned, "I am officially blind."
Lily blinked repeatedly, trying hard to readjust her vision, colored lights dancing in front of her pupils.
"That's why we're wearing sunglasses" Gerard said, tapping his for emphasis.
Lily looked over at Bert, and then at his large white rimmed shades.
Bert nodded, "Someone needs to get with the PRO-GRAM." he said with a snap of the fingers.
Lily pinched his scruffy cheek, "AWWW Bert, you are HI-LAR-EE-US." she said in a saccharine tone. She took a moment to mess up his hair to the best of her ability before bolting off to rummage through her purse. She pulled out her Chanels and took a seat on the leather couch between the two of them, elbowing Bert to scoot over.
The producer came over, a stack of papers in his hands, "So, this is how its going to work," he said with a sigh, "Gerard, you read Bert's, Bert, you read Lily's, Lily, you read Gerard's."
They nodded simultaneously.
"Ok, so, we'll be starting in a couple seconds...just a short intro will do...and then.." he handed each of them a stack of papers, "Ask away. Don't read them yet, Bert." he snapped as Bert began to leaf through his stack with a grin.
Lily looked at her boots as the producer counted down.
"And, go"
Silence followed. Bert put up his hand, silently, "Hi."
Lily and Gerard snickered.
Gerard composed himself as Lily smiled into her hands, "This is Bert, from The Used." he said, pointing.
"And this is Gerard from My Chemical Romance." Bert said, pointing in return.
Lily sat between them, not sure whether to introduce herself or not.
Bert put his hand atop Lily's head, "And this is Lily from Saint Lily."
Lily smiled for widely for the camera, causing Gerard to giggle.
"And these are the questions you sent in..." Bert said, holding up Lily's stack of papers.
"And..Steven promised that we would answer them." Lily added.
Lily situated her stack in her hands. The first few questions were for all of them. Gerard leaned closer to read the paper on her lap. Bert took out a cigarette, and put it between his lips, much to Lily's dismay, "Are you kidding me?"
"What?" Bert said, lighting it in the corner of his mouth.
Lily rolled her eyes. Gerard smiled, "Ok, Are you guys ready?"
"Yeah, just..don't blow smoke on me." Lily said, fanning the fumes away.
Bert grinned at her and exhaled towards the ceiling.
"Ok, I'll read the first one..." Gerard read, "If you could consider any other occupation, what would it be?"
Bert kept a straight face, "I'd be the surgeon general."
"That'd be ideal for you." Lily said, nodding, "I'd be a ballet dancer."
"Oh yeah..." Bert mumbled, "You went to dance school...or whatever."
"Yea," Lily nodded, "Or whatever. What about you Gerard?"
"I'd write children's books." he answered, unhestitantly.
"Awwwww," Lily gushed, "Really?"
Gerard nodded, smiling at his hands.
"I would read those books." Bert said, inhaling once more.
This interview isn't so bad Lily thought as the questions went on.
Bert was quite funny, and Gerard's laugh was, honestly, one of the cutest things Lily had ever heard.Only when things got juicy, did Lily have to choose her answers carefully.
When it came time for Bert to read one of Lily's questions, he burst into laughter,
"The answer is yes." Bert said, chuckling to himself as Lily tried to snatch the question from his gloved hand, "Dear Lily," he began, "You seem to be PAR-TIC-U-LAIR-LEE close to Bert McCracken and Gerard Way. Are you dating either of them?"
Lily started laughing, and sighed, "Well.." she paused, Bert and Gerard staring at her attentively.
Lily laughed, "Stop staring at me!". She looked at her feet with a smile on her face, ".Actually I've been asking Quinn to marry me for the past year, but that hasn't really worked out yet..."
Bert coughed, "Answer the question LILY." Bert pressed, wide grin on his face.
Lily raised her eyebrow, and put her hand on Bert's arm, "Should we tell them?"
Bert stared back at her, a look of concern on his face, "I think its time we did..."
Lily's face cracked into a smile, "No ladies, Im not dating either of your boys." she said, waving her hand dismissively, "But the thing about Quinn is 100% true." she added, adjusting her sunglasses.
"100%" Bert repeated in agreement.
"Okay,Gerard...your turn." Lily's eyes scanned the paper and widened a bit, "Do I honestly have to read this?" she asked, hand to forehead.
Bert perked up, "YES." he tried to read the paper in lily's hands.
Gerard sat patiently, gloved hands folded in his lap.
Lily stared at the paper, silently, then cleared her throat, "Hey Gerard! What was it like being an extra in Saint Lily's video, Bleed? And how was the dance scene to film? Ashley, New York."
"Well Ashley," Gerard began, "It was really fun, the set was amazing. Being able to work with two of my good friends made it extra special."
"Yeah," Bert agreed,"Thanks for the hook-up on that one, Lily. It was awesome. I still rock that monacle sometimes." Bert said, pulling Lily close to him.
Gerard smiled, "But uh, the dance scene, that was pretty fun. I actually didn't know I was going to do it until later. The choreographer just kind of called me over and told me."
Gerard laughed,"It was a bit surprising ,but it wasn't too hard."
"You're a quick learner." Lily said with a smirk.
"I guess." Gerard said with a shrug.
"Actually, the dancer I was going supposed to do that scene with was sick, so they needed another extra. My manager, Matt, picked Gerard, actually." Lily said, nodding.
Gerard looked a bit surprise, "I didn't know Matt liked me."
Lily laughed.
"Okay..." Bert interrupted after a break of silence, "Second part."
Lily stared at Bert from the corner of her eye, a look of annoyance on her face. Without fully facing him, she sighed and held the paper in front of him.
Bert sighed in relief and snatched up the sheet and began to read aloud "ALSO, you seem to have a chemistry with the lead singer,Lily, from the way you were looking at her during the video. Do you have a crush on her?" Bert bit his lip, trying to hold back a smile.
Lily put her chin in her hand, leaning forward, staring at Gerard intently. Bert did the same.
Gerard smiled nervously, and let out a small laugh, "Ahahaha, Well..."
Lily's heart was pounding fast and furious, like that horrible movie with Paul Walker.
Gerard looked up at the ceiling, "It was easy for me to do that scene because Lily and I were...are?..pretty good friends. There were people that were prompting us to look at each other like make it...what was the word, Lily?"
"Intense." Lily muttered.
"Yeah, " Gerard continued, "Intense." He took in a breath, "But, Lily is a very charming young woman, but she is also one of my good friends....there was chemistry because we get along pretty well...and the set and the music...the just all added up to...make that scene."
Lily stared at Gerard, chin in hand, eyebrow raised. She sighed and straightened up. Bert stretched loudly, mumbling something along the lines of, "notansweringthequestionnn..."
Bert finished stretching and put his hand on Lily's knee, "Well, I have a crush on Lily." he said, staring into the camera and squeezing Lily's knee.
Lily took his gloved hand off her leg, and patted it softly, "Thank you, Bert."
Bert scratched his head casually, "Anytime, sunshine."
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