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Wish You Were Here

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Lily sings at the Vmas...and gerard makes up his mind.

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"Lily, for god's sake, MAKE UP YOUR MIND. Do you want to or not?"
Matt groaned, thumb hovering over the mute button on his cell phone.
Lily scrunched up her face, "This is obviously a big decision!" she grumbled, hand to forehead, "How long will I have to rehearse?"
Matt sighed, and pushed the button, "Hello?" he spoke into the receiver, "How long will she have to rehearse? That's too"
As Matt negotiated, Lily thought about the opportunity in front of her. Saint Lily was going to the Video Music Awards in a few weeks...and now the events coordinator had called her manager...and wanted her to sing...
The faint sound of Amy's camera was almost like a breathing at this point. Lily was so used to it, she didn't even care anymore.
Matt jolted her back into reality, "You'll have two days." he mumbled, hand over the phone, "So, do you want to, or not?"
Lily looked at Amy, who immediately snapped a picture, "What do you think?"
Amy said nothing, only clicked away. Lily sighed nervously, "Ok..I'll do it.."
As Lily sat on her bed in her hotel room, she thought about the upcoming weeks. She was picked to sing "Wish You Were Here" at the award show, in honor/memoriam to those lost in the Iraq war/ those who were serving there. It was a very moving song, but she had never heard a woman sing it. She worried about messing it up...about what she was going to wear..and then she would be in front of millions of people.
"Oh, fuck yeah." Bert said, sipping his Sprite, "I love that song." he started to hum the chorus to himself.
Lily nodded, "Yeah..It's a nice one..but I'm having trouble thinking about how I'm going to deliver...I mean, its supposed to be so serious...and I have nothing to model it after."
In fact, Lily had no idea. She also didn't have an outfit yet. In other words, she was screwed. Matt said he was "taking care of it".
Amy was no help. Eliza didn't know. Bert honestly didn't care. And Gerard...was avoided for the most part.
But, either way, the clock was ticking.
Lily found herself in New York a week later, being pinned down and measured for a dress.
"Ow!" Lily winced as a pin poked her.
The designer mumbled a sorry and forcefully tugged at the fabric.
Matt was on the other side of the room on his cellphone, writing something down on a pad of paper. Lily stood there, as still as possible, trying not to have her blood drawn. Eduardo, the man sticking Lily with pins, was kneeling at her feet, squinting. He adjusted his thick framed glasses and hummed to himself in thought.
The fabric he was pinning to her was a beautiful dark blue, and made Lily more tolerant of the occasional prick of needles.
She had never been to New York alone before...and here she was, without her band...only with Matt, who stood there, hissing into his cellphone about upcoming tour dates. She sighed and looked up at the ceiling...
She missed her friends. She missed Eliza, she missed Bert, She missed Will and Ryan and Adam..and she even missed Gerard, as much as she tried to resent him.
That night, as she lay in bed, she grabbed her phone and dialed Will's number, waiting patiently as it rang.
"Hello?" Will asked.
"Hey." Lily said, looking around her dark hotel room.
"Hey Lil, how goes New York?" Will asked casually.
Lily sighed, "It's ok...cold..." Lily paused,"I miss you guys." she admitted.
Will gasped on the other line, "What???" he said in dismay, "Hold on a second.." Will pulled the phone away, "Hey guys, Lily MISSES us!" he shouted.
Shouts of "what?" and "are you kidding me?" could be heard on the other line.
Lily laughed.
Will sighed, "Yeah, well, we kind of miss you too. Only a little bit. So don't get too cocky."
Lily smiled, "Never...hey, put me on speaker phone."
After talking to each of the guys, and getting more than a few words from Adam, she lay awake for a while, pondering sleep...and then it came, before she knew it, like a warm blanket....and then it was morning....
Gerard sat on the couch, rapidly pushing the channel button on his remote. When he stumbled on to MTV, he stopped and breathed in, Did he miss it?
He looked at the clock. Bert had said was 6:28. Maybe his clock was off? And then he saw her...
Her hair was pinned up in a french twist, bangs sweeping across her face...she was wearing this dress...this..dress...
It was this dark blue looked so...soft...and it clung to her curves..and flared fell down to below her knees, and swayed gently as she walked on stage. It was Classic..
oh, there's her tattoo..Bert was right..squiggly lines.....
Gerard's thought process was interrupted by Kat, who took a seat next to him with an aggressive thud.
"What are you watching?" she asked, glancing at the screen.
Gerard fumbled with the volume, turning it up as Lily entered the screen once more, "Lily's going to sing..I just wanted to see.." he trailed off.
She looked so...elegant, so glamourous. Her eyelashes were so long and feminine..the curves of her body, her waist.. her smooth skin..the lines on her back...her legs...
She she held her microphone...he could tell she was nervous..
He seemed to lose his breath as she opened her mouth to sing.
It was so sultry and sad, so soft and sensitive the way she sang. It wasn't raspy like the original Pink Floyd version...but full of emotion and a sadness that only a woman could portray. He stared at the screen, leaning on his elbow, chin in hand, completely transfixed by her performance.
Shots to the audience showed he wasn't the only one..the crowd was silent...absorbed by her voice and the solemn tone. P. Diddy had his hand over his mouth, his brow furrowed. Tom Cruise had tears in his eyes. Lil' John momentarily stopped drinking his crunk juice.
And was over. The crowd cheered, standing up to clap. She smiled widely, holding her microphone at her side.
Gerard felt himself well up with pride...he was so damn proud of her. He smiled as Kat sighed and grabbed the remote from his hand,
"Chicago trash."
Gerard's face fell, "What?"
Kat changed the channel, "She's trash. From Chicago. I saw her on Fuse once, what a dumbass." she chuckled to herself with a shake of the head.
Gerard felt like lightning was running through his body.
Kat continued, "Showing everyone her tattoo...I wonder if she can even keep her legs that loser for however long she did. He probably only used her for sex."
She paused on VH1, "Not like she minded it though...she looks like a slut. Just another cookie cutter dumb blonde."
Gerard was speechless. He had no idea what to say. He was paralyzed with shock...why would she say that?
Kat got in one last comment before she changed the channel, "Sometimes I hate your industry, because of people like her."
"People like her?" Gerard repeated slowly, fist balled at his leg.
"Yeah," Kat said, turning to face him, "Sluts playing dress up to make the record company some money. She probably doesn't even write her own songs." she said with a snort and a roll of the eyes.
"She's NOT a slut. And she DOES write her own songs." Gerard defended, growing more upset as he processed what Kat had said. Was she out of her mind?
"Whatever." Kat sighed, rolling her eyes. She stopped at MTV, where Lily was smiling on the screen, talking to Jack Osbourne.
Kat pushed the mute button, "Look at her. The way she talks, her smile..." Kat made a sound of disgust.
Those were some of the things Gerard liked about her.
He looked over at Kat, who was staring at the screen with contempt.
He looked at Lily...sweet Lily. And then back to bitter Kat.
He couldn't image Lily saying any of the things coming out of Kat's mouth. Lily was none of the things Kat had accused her of being.
"You don't..even know her." Gerard began, only to be cut off ,
"Oh and YOU do?" Kat hissed.
Gerard raised an eyebrow, "Yeah, yeah I do. I've been on tour with her for the past year. I think I DO know her pretty well." his face was twisted with anger, brow violently furrowed, heart beating fast, breaths ragged.
Kat stared at him, "Whatever."
She pushed the power button, Lily's smiling face faded off the screen.
He looked around the the walls...the framed pictures...this was his life.
He looked at the fuming woman next to him...she was his life.
And he didn't want to live it least not with her.
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