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Lily walked down the hallway, Amy in tow. She was back on tour, and excited to see everyone. Amy met her at the airport, her greeting the constant clicking of the camera lens. As she turned the corner, she saw Bert at the vending machines. Her bag slid off her shoulder, and fell to carpeted floor with a heavy thud. Bert looked up from the machine, gasped in surprise, and ran up to meet her. He crushed her in a hug and kissed her face loudly, much to Lily's content. She was so happy to see him. Even though he was greasy. Even though he was scruffy. He was still one of her best friends, and she hugged him extra tight. Bert turned his back Amy, who had her camera poised, and pulled down his pants.
After their reunion, Bert threw Lily's bag over her shoulder, and walked her to her room.
"Ah..I've got a new one..." she said, looking down at her card key.
"Maybe we're neighbors.." he said in a bubbly tone.
Lily laughed as they came to her room, "Maybe."
As she slid the card into the door and opened it, she was surprised to see her room filled with balloons and flowers..and..people?
Lily put her hands to her mouth in shock, smiling, turning red. Her band was there, My Chemical Romance was there, The Used was there...Eliza...all the roadies and tech people..all there.
She gasped in shock, and laughing nervously, "Hi." she said, waving with a smile.
Matt, her manager, approached her with a bouquet of flowers, "This is for an amazing performance at the VMAs." he said with a smile.
Lily felt like she was going to burst, and gave Matt a huge hug, tearing up a bit as she held her bouquet. She saw Gerard smiling at her, and it was almost too much to bear.
She took a step into the room to mingle, and was almost swarmed by the group of people. My Chemical Romance surrounded her, praising her for her solo, "Yeah," frank said, "we watched you on was amazing."
Lily felt her face flush, "Awww, thanks guys." she said with a nervous smile.
Frank gave her a hug and a pat on the back. Soon, ray and bob had done the same, and wondered off to scavenge for food. She was left with Gerard.
"Hey.." he said with a smirk, "Like they said...amazing. I was so...proud of you, you know." he said, patting her arm. Lily smiled, looking at the ground,
And then, something happened that Lily did not expect. He hugged her. Tightly. And gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. She laughed and hugged him back, slightly euphoric from all the people...and Gerard's mouth making contact with her skin. She felt like she was on fire....and it felt good...
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