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Amy had overstayed her welcome, and it was time for her to go. She promised Lily to pick the best pictures, and as soon as she walked out the door, Lily danced around her room, taking the opportunity to break out the vodka from her mini bar. They would be out on the road again, and she gathered her things to transfer back to the bus. She hummed Helena under her breath as she closed the door to her hotel room. Gerard looked so good in that video...
Wait? What was she thinking?
She sighed to herself as she walked to the parking lot, and towards her bus. She threw her things in the hallway and walked down the stairs, hoping to catch Bert and tell him about Amy's departure. She jogged over to The Used's tour bus and ran into Jepha, who was standing outside, drinking green tea.
"Hey hey hey...guess who left?" Lily asked, visibly excited and a little buzzed.
"Sweet." he said, sipping his tea, "Want some?"
Lily shrugged, "Ok." and took a sip.
She heard Bert inside, "She said that? No wonder you fucking dumped her ass. I'd dump her too. Bitch."
Lily stopped breathing. She looked through the windows to see Gerard following Bert down the hallway, mumbling something in agreement. She looked at Jepha, who raised his eyebrows knowingly, and drank from his cup deeply. Bert hopped off the bus, Gerard in tow.
"Lily," Bert began, "Heard Amy is back to the isle of lesbos..right on."
Lily laughed, squirming under Gerard's gaze. He's SINGLE now? Oh should she act? What should she do? Is he going to tell her? Lily took in a breath and looked at the ground,
"Yes, she's gone....I never saw your photographer." she said in realization, looking up at him in wonder.
"Either of you." She added, looking from one to the other.
Bert sighed and shrugged, grinning slightly, "We put our foot down, unlike you..who pratically let her live in your hotel room. I only let him show up at like...4"
Lily shrugged, "I guess I just..didn't...think about it like that. Dammit." she sighed, "Oh well..."
"Oh, guess what?" Bert said, perking up, "There's a meeting in YOURRR bus next week. Ahahha."
"What?" Lily asked, taken aback a bit, "I thought it was your turn!" she said, pointing at Gerard.
"No." Gerard shook his head, "We had one on my bus while you were it's Saint Lily's turn..."
Every couple weeks there would be a label meeting. All the bands on Reprise would meet on one bus, and discuss going ons. Lily dreaded those meetings, and usually she sat with Ryan ,and listened to his Ipod.
Lily sighed. Bert smiled,
"I expect you to be a good hostess...and I expect no less than baked cookies."
Lily laughed loudly, "Yeah right."
"Hey," Gerard interrupted, "We're having horror movie night on my bus...want to come?"
Lily hated scary movies.
"Yeah. Sure"
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