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Scary Movies

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"Here Lily, sit here, you can bury your face in my manly shoulder." Bert said, beckoning her to a seat next to him. Lily laughed and tucked her hair behind her ear nervously. She spotted Eliza and scuttled quickly to the back of the bus to be with her. She grabbed her hand and squeezed it,
"I HATE scary movies. Stay with me?"
Eliza smiled, "Ok."
Lily took a seat next to Bert, like he had offered. She had no plans on bury her face into him. Eliza took the seat next to her, draping a warm, flannel blanket over the both of them. Lily snuggled up into it as Frank inserted a disc into the player.
"I have to pee." Bert announced, getting up and marching off to the bathroom.
Lily looked at Eliza and shrugged. Seconds later, he had returned,
"That was fast." Lily commented.
"What was?" Gerard asked, situating himself next to her.
Lily tried to compose herself, "I...uh..thought you were Bert.." she explained.
Gerard shrugged, "Can I have some blanket?"
"Yeah..sure.." Lily nodded, stretching it out to cover him.
"Thanks." he grinned.
Bert returned from the bathroom, moments later "You took my seat, you mother fucker." he gasped, making sure to mess up Gerard's hair, which Gerard immediately combed back into place with his fingers.
As the movie started, and the lights went out, Lily started to tense. In fact, she was tense for the first 20 minutes. She couldn't help but hide her eyes, or snuggle up in the blanket. At one particular part, she jumped, much to her embarassment. Every one else roared in content, discussing the blood everywhere and what had just happened loudly. Gerard noticed, and leaned over, bringing his mouth close to her ear. Lily could feel his breath on her skin as he whispered softly to her, "It's ok Lily, its not real...imagine how fun it must've been to film that scene..."
Gerard smiled at her in the darkness, illuminated pale blue from the glow of the tv screen.
Lily smiled softly, looking at his anything but his face.
He came closer, whispering once more, "I think it'd be pretty funny...covered in blood like that....I'd probably start laughing.."
Lily had never thought of it that way.
"Thanks" she whispered back.
"Yeah" he said softly, "I don't want you to be scared...especially when you're next to me..."
Lily smiled shyly.
"Or maybe its not the movie you're scared of." he said with a grin, "I am sitting next to you."
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