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A Dark Conspiracy! Trouble in Star City!

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Krypto and Streaky are called to Star City to investigate a possible dark plot. Kirin and Para-Clone go along too. And while Para-Clone begins to square off against Gabrielle, Locksley reveals what...

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A Dark Conspiracy! Trouble in Star City!

Somewhere, in an old power plant facility outside of Star City, some dark figures have gathered. Their eyse glow within the dark. A tall bird like figure, wearing a mask covering his face and beak speaks with a british accent, "So how long until we get this plan into action?" Another figure next to him, short and sounds like there is gears in him says, "I'm getting tired of waiting. I want to cause some destruction." Not seen, someone important replies, "Patience my bretheren." He steps forward, still in shadow. He is rather large and seems to be the leader, "The plan will begin as soon as our key item comes within reach." A very small bird figure flutters in shadows asking, "But when? Surely she won't comply to us." "No. But once she comes within my grasp, she won't have a choice." His presses a button on a monitor with his talon, painted pure black. They show many shots of Para-Clone. Shots of her fighting, with Krypto, and babysitting. With a closeup of the big bird's face, "She'll have no choice at all..." He begins to laugh evilly.

In the suburbs of Metropolis..."So you two are going to Star City?" Kirin asks Krypto, as he and Streaky are at his front door. "Yep. We got word about some mysterious group who have some dangerous plan." Then Streaky remarks, "You know how it is. Evil group of villains wanting to take over something and all that jazz." Para-Clone, on Kirin's shoulder asks, "What's Star City?" Kirin explains, "Star City is one of the most popular tourist spots in the country. And...It's also home to my favorite superheros, Green Arrow and Black Canary." He holds up a small black book, "If I was going I could get their signatures into my Signature Book." "You have a autograph book?" Kirin asks embarrassed, "No! It's not an autograph book! Superman even gave it to me. He says that collecting hero signatures could be a hobby for me." She looks suspicious, "Right..." Krypto continues, "Well we just wanted to give you the heads up so you know where we be.." He gets a call on a bat communicator Ace gave him. He answers, "What is it Ace?" On Ace's side, he is in front of a raging fire. "I'll have to cancel my trip to Star City. There's a really bad fire caused by Joker. Me and my partner will be busy for quite awhile. You'll have to find someone else to go with you." Krypto replies, "Well where are we going to find a replacement in time? Everyone else is busy." Streaky interrupts, "Eh hem." He points out to Kirin and Para-Clone, who seem to go along with it. Krypto finishes talking, "Well you be careful now." He shuts off the communicator. "So you two want to go with us?" The two say, "Yeah sure." "In that case, follow us." He and Streaky take to the sky. Kirin presses a button on his watch and he changes into his hero clothes. He then pulls out his hover craft and hops on. "Glad I made that auto changer, huh?" He asks Para-Clone. "Just go." He takes off after the two.

Later in the evening, the gang arrives in Star City. Kirin and Para-Clone are amazed at the sound and beauty of the city. Kirin remarks, "I've always read about Star City, but never would of expected to see it like this." Para-Clone is mesmerized too. "Me either. This is amazing." Streaky tells them, "Yeah you can say that. Me and Krypto come by here often to help out some friends." The two are confused, "Friends?" "Yeah. We're gonna meet them at the park, right K-Dog?" "Yep." They walk on foot toward the park.

When they get to a certain tree they stop. Krypto begins to introduce, "Guys, meet our Star City friends." Kirin acts excitingly as he has his mind set on something, but as two small birds come out of the shadows, a dove with some of Green Arrows gear and arrows, and a yellow canary with a blue jacket, his hopes are shattered. "You're not Green Arrow, or Black Canary." Para-Clone gets rather influctiated with the dove, as he is cute. Kirin just mopes. Anyway, Krypto introduces, "Kirin and Para-Clone, meet Locksley and Gabrielle." Locksley offers his wing, "Nice to meet you." Kirin bends over and shakes hand with wing with him. "You must be Green Arrow's pet I assume?" He replies, "I wouldn't say, pet. I'm more of his partner." "Oh." Kirin smiles with his eyes clothes as he thinks, "He's worse than Ace!" Para-Clone and Gabrielle look over each other. Going around each other, inspecting the other. "So you're Black Canary's pet then?" Gabrielle replies, "Yep. And you're that guy's pet?" He's perferring to Kirin. "Not really. We're more housemates than what you consider me to be just a pet."

Moment later, she grabs Locksley from his conversation with Kirin and in her love look. "Hey handsome." "Umm...You're Para-Clone correct?" She likes that, "Oh...Where have you been all my life?"

Streaky chuckles as Krypto is rather disturbed. "Oh man! She sure fell for him quickly, eh K-Dog?" "I guess so."

Gabrielle pulls Para-Clone off him. "Easy girl. Locksley's already got a girl in his life." "Oh really? Who?" "Me of course. The two of us have been big time partners for as long as we can remember. Ain't that right Krypto?" Krypto studders, "Me? Umm..." "Oh come now. Whenever you're here you can see us together." "Well..." Para-Clone argues, "So what? I bet he would love to have me as his primary partner." Locksley doesn't know what to say, "Well..." Gabrielle argues again, "Look bug eye, I don't know where you going trying to make him your own, but no one is his primary partner but me!" "Oh yeah!?" "Yeah!" The two stare lightning bolts between each other. Streaky's like, "Chick fight!" Kirin asks, "Wouldn't it be a cat fight? They're both girls." "Now that doesn't make sense." Gabrielle tells Para-Clone, "If you want a fight, then meet back here in an hour and we'll see who's best cut out. And believe me, I know my way around more than you." "You're on!" Para-Clone replies, and the two walk off. Krypto tries to stop them, "Wait you two!" Kirin stops him, "Let them go. Once Para-Clone gets like this there's no stopping her." Locksley agrees, "Same with Gabrielle. Now why don't we go to our hideout and we'll go over what I know?" They agree and leave.

Commercial Break...

At the Power Plant..."Master!" A pure white seagull comes in. "What is it?" Asks the large bird in the shadows. "That Para-Clone character is in Star City, right now!" "Hmm...Is that so?" He steps forward, revealing that he is a large purple condor with an old looking face. "I told you she'd come eventually. Now the plan can commence." He turns around toward a bird, who we now see as a stork with a mask covering his face and beak, "You there. Take the new recruit and begin the operation." "Aie guvner." He walks with the seagull away. The condor speaks to himself, "Everything is falling into place..."

Meanwhile, Locksley takes Krypto, Streaky, and Kirin to his hideout. "Here we are." It is full of machines and computers, much to Kirin's amazement. "Wow. For a bird you certainly have a lot of tech." "Well most of this stuff is my partner's." He flutters up to a computer console and presses a few buttons. "Here's what I wanted to tell you about." He brings up a picture of the condor mentioned earlier. "This is Grandor. He is the leader of a secret society of birds known as the Black Talon Society. They're known to be ruthless and cruel, and all have one of their talons painted completely black to show their alligience. They are said to be rivaled against another powerful group of birds, the Five Wings of the Sky." "I remember them." Krypto says. So does Kirin, "Yeah. Four of those guys came just after Para-Clone beat one of them and offered her a spot in their group. They said they had to kick that other guy out. G-Hawk I think it was." Locksley speaks in, "As of now only four members exist within that group. I learned that the member G-Hawk, was in fact a member of the BTS." This sparks interest within the group. "Didn't know that..." Krypto asks, "So tell us more about the Black Talon Society. You mentioned that they were up to something."

Locksley continues, "According to what we were about to find, it seems that the BTS are recruiting strong and powerful birds. Mostly birds of prey. But before I met Gabrielle, she said that she was offered to join too. Of course she was also going undercover. The group didn't seem to be planning anything at that time. But with more sightings of the group in multiple cities, something is going on that could be bad." Streaky remarks, "This sort of thing reminds me of Hatchi and his problem with those super cats." Krypto answers to that, "Well I doubt they would be related. Similar maybe, but not the same." Locksley agrees, "I've been monitoring Boss's actions, and he has absolutely nothing to do with the BTS. Now like the BTS would want any help from outside parties. They despise just about any living creature not one of them." Kirin asks, "So what is it they do exactly?" "The BTS is known for hunting in a group. Like normal predators trying to catch their food, that's what they do. So do the Five Wings of the Sky, but these guys are more aggressive and not very honorable." The guys share looks.

As he continues talking, we see what Para-Clone is doing. She sees a kitten stuck up in a tree. She also spots Gabrielle go up and save it. Para-Clone is moved that Gabrielle is a nice person. Anyway, during this time, Locksley speaks, "Each member has his or her own history as to be in the group. Some because their life was hard and cannot get by without the group. Others because they were treated badly by previous owners who took care of them. But each one is unique in their own way."

We return to seeing them again. "Which is why I have come to a conclusion on what they are doing. Based on the evidence I have recently discovered, such as missing documents from office buildings, machines from several labs, and unexplained disappearances involving birds, it's clear to me that...." He now has a serious look, "They're planning for world domination!" The others are rather shocked by this. Krypto asks, "You sure?" "I haven't been more positive than anything. The way they are constantly gathering powerful birds to join their side is a sure way of knowing that they want to become a more powerful group than the Five Wings of the Sky. G-Hawk wouldn't of been in that group if he wasn't up to status with them."

Meanwhile, Para-Clone and Gabrielle meet in front of the park statue. "So you ready to take me on?" Gabrielle asks. Para-Clone prepares with some feather darts. "Oh it's on." They stare each other down.

Back with the others...Krypto wonders, "If that's true, then G-Hawk must of been an elite within the Black Talon Society." Kirin adds, "And if someone like Para-Clone could beat one like that then..." He gets a scared look in his face, and his eyes. A pan shot of Para-Clone and Gabrielle beginning their fight is shown as he says, "Then their target is Para-Clone!"

To Be Continued...
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