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Ron's Death

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When the battle begins, and the Darkness wins, the Order of the Phoenix scatters and ends up utterly destroyed. The Heir of Darkness, Draco Malfoy is cocky that the entire world has been consumed ...

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Draco stood silently, a smirk on his lips as he met the eyes of Ron Weasley, behind his Death Eater mask.

"You ferret!" Ron cried, his wand raised mirroring Draco's own wand, which was pointed at Ron's heart.

"Weasel, can you even perform a spell to take my life with out your precious Hermione whispering in your ear, can you afford the power it would cost you? What do you even have to fuel such a spell your too broke to afford anything" Draco spat, lowering his hood.

"IT IS YOU! WE THOUGHT IT WAS A LIE!" Ron said, recoiling slightly, "You murderous, traitor!"

"I was never on your side to begin with," Draco said lowering his eyes slightly, as he felt the anger radiating off of Ron.

"You saved Harry, You joined the Order! I knew you would never stay though I don't know why Im even surprised, you had to turn out like daddy didn't you Malfoy!" Ron said his wand arm steady.

"I saved the boy-who-lived-but-is-going-to-die because the Dark Lord wished it. What are you going to do about it run back to your precious Order? You would put Potter to being second best, because you know now that Draco Malfoy of the Order of the Phoenix is a spy for Voldemort, and their only spy, Snape is dead?" Draco cried, "AVADA KEDAVRA!" he called as Ron stood stunned for a few seconds, "Stupefy!" he called in reply. Draco's spell was more powerful and raced through Ron's and struck him in the chest.

Draco smirked once more, and turned away from Ron's unblinking eyes, as he lay on the floor, dead.

"Goyle? Crabbe? Send his body to the Order, with a note saying that Snape is dead also" as Draco left, his cloak billowing out behind him. His blonde hair was flopping as he walked away, while his two thugs picked up Ron's body then apparated away to number 12 Grimmauld Place.

Draco leaned against a tree, and fingered the necklace he now always wore. It was the dark mark, with snakes intertwined around it almost like a Celtic knot. And a green emerald on top of the snakes, it showed he was Heir to Voldemort, the Prince of Darkness. And just like Voldemort his blood wasn't as pure as everyone thought.

"Oh my GOD! RON!" Hermione screeched as she opened the door, she flung her self at his side as the rest of the Order of the Phoenix came running. Molly reached the sobbing Hermione first and incidentally fainted at her side. Harry caught her inches from the ground, while he looked at the dead Ron on the doorstep.

"Bring him in before the Muggles notice anything," Moody growled and bent with Arthur to pick up his youngest son.

Harry and George Weasley carried his Molly as she came too, and began to sob, only Fred stayed outside with Hermione. She sat shivering on the steps in the warm summer air; incidentally she was also shaking and muttering to her self.

"Hermione?" Fred asked as he sat beside her, wrapping a tentative arm around her.

"Why did he have to die? He was only a member for a month, everyone else has lasted twice that long at least" she said and wiped at her eyes.

"Come on Hermione, you were a lioness! You have to realize that some of us are going to die." Fred said as he pulled a Kleenex out of his pocket and handed it to her.

"I know Fred but he just turned 18! He didn't deserve to die!" Hermione cried, her voice worn out, he eyes glinted with anger.

"Neither did Snape, Harry's Parents, Sirius.... There are hundreds of people who didn't deserve to die Hermione," George said as he came out and sat with them.

"Snape?" Fred asked looking at his brother

"On the note, in Ron's pocket." Replied George as he too wrapped an arm around Hermione.

"I will mark the Death Eater who did this," Hermione said standing up to go inside when she heard Harry call for her.

"You can't do that Hermione, we have no idea who it was. It could have been Voldemort for all we know," George said, helping Fred up off the cold stone steps away from the choking darkness.

"No, It was most likely his heir," she said, almost challenging the darkness, "I'd stake my reputation on it"
And with that Hermione Weasley went back in to the house ignoring Fred and George's faces.

"Heir?" Fred asked

"Damn there are two of them..." George replied

"She's unstable..."

"It was her marriage to Ron that made her unstable"

"I say we make sure she doesn't go find this 'heir,'" Fred said in the hall of the Headquarters

"For Ron, we do it ourselves," George nodded and stuck his hand out to Fred who shook it.
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