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Ron's Killer

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Hermione tries to figure out why Ron went out all alone, and why the Death Eaters would have killed him. When she finds out he was at Quidditch practice she is stumped...Who can tell her what happ...

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Hermione went upstairs to the room she and Ron shared only a few months ago; she was deep in thought. She questioned why Ron left that night alone; it was usually still the three of them, Ron, Harry and her. Or they were in pairs, incidentally her and Ron. She began to pace her room as the gears in her mind began to whirl.

"He must have found out the heir," she muttered to the growing darkness that surrounded her. "But who could it be? Or he might have found something else out entirely...But what? What would have driven him to work on his own? Making sure purposely that Harry and I couldn't be there?" She continued to pace, her mind trying to figure out what Ron had obviously found out. A knock sounded at her closed door, and she granted whom ever it was at the door entrance and Harry Potter entered to find a distraught and sad Hermione Granger.

"You ok Hermione?" He asked, tears in his emerald eyes.

"Why did he half to die? Why did he go out alone?" she asked in reply sitting at the edge of the double bed they had shared. "We aren't even true members of the Order and he goes out alone. It was always either the three of us or just in pairs."

"I know 'Mione...I question it too. Why would they kill Ron?"

"Before I give you an answer, did you tell him to go alone?" Hermione accused instantly.

"No Mione! I would have begged him to take me with him." Harry replied surprised at Hermione's accusation.

"Then in response to your question, Why would they kill Ron? He must have learned something, something important." She said, as her thoughts began to wonder again.

"What would he have found out?" Harry asked, "Where was he tonight?"

Hermione pulled up a mental image of the work schedule, her honey eyes widened in shock as she thought about the schedule. "He didn't work tonight, you and I were suppose to go out."

"Where was he?" Harry asked, his eyes large as he remembered.

"Quidditch practice" Hermione replied and raced downstairs, to find the sobbing group, still crowded around Ron's dead body in the drawing room. She went in to the basement, and went to the schedules that were posted there. Her eyes had began to flow, as she turned away from Ron body. She shut her eyes, hoping to stop the tears so she could think.

There is time to mourn but this is not it She thought as she skimmed Ron's Quidditch practice, and paled.

"He was at Quidditch Practice but he was in the woods by Little Hangleton."

"Then it was Voldemort and him just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Hermione began to think, it was obvious it was the Death Eaters, no question but what would have happened at practice for him to be alone. She began to think, wishing she had the Hogwarts Library, She needed to figure out what the enemy's motive could be.

"Draco Malfoy..." Hermione whispered as she fell to her knees.

"What about that ferret?"

"Yeah what about me?" Draco Malfoy's voice piped up from behind them.

Hermione rose and met his silver eyes, could she trust him? Or was he who Ron and her suspected, the spy for Voldemort? It was more Ron she admited He was at the practice and he is our spy within the Death Eaters... Or will it be an insult to his memory?

"Im sorry Hermione" as he stepped forward, and gave her a brief hug, while in his embrace she knew she could trust him to help her find Ron's killer.

"Draco I need your help..." she said as she backed out of his hug.
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