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Hermione Snaps

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She begs Draco to help her, find Ron's killer and find out if there truly is a heir of Darkness, much to Harry's horror...

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance - Characters: Crabbe, Draco, Dumbledore, Fred, George, Ginny, Goyle, Harry, Hermione, Voldemort - Published: 2006-12-04 - Updated: 2006-12-05 - 665 words

"What do you need my help for?" Draco said, taken aback, so was Harry.

"I can do anything he can do!" Harry said angrily eyeing his rival.

"Both of you, can you lay your differences aside for just this once?" as her tears began to overflow again. "Draco what happened at practice? What would have happened so Ron went off again and died? Was there a Death Eater meeting? Draco tell me what you know, I don't know why Im trusting you but you better be able to tell me something" she said, almost begging.

"What why? You mean he wasn't working for the Order tonight?" Draco asked surprise

"What do you mean? He was at the Quidditch Practice at Little Hangleton...You know because you were there practicing for the England National Team? Come on Draco!" she cried, as she looked at him hoping for some hint at who killed Ron.

"I didn't see him arrive, He isn't in his Quidditch stuff upstairs..."Draco started quietly hoping Hermione wouldn't fly off the handle.

"You're right, he must have stumbled on something before he actually got there...," Harry said looking down at his hands.

"Was there a Death Eater meeting?" Hermione asked grabbing hold of the bottom of Draco's robes. Draco shut his eyes quickly as not to wince and scream at her not to contaminate his clean, new robes. Her reached down and patted her head.

"There was...I do not know what happened, but Goyle and Crabbe showed up late, they looked happy about something." Draco said, and felt Harry push him to the floor.

"Your saying those two thugs killed Ronald Weasley?" Harry demanded standing over Draco fuming, "Did Voldemort congratulate your shadows on actually doing a good job for once?" He punched Draco as he struggled to get up.

"Enough," a hurt, sobbing female voice cried out. Hermione lay sobbing on the ground, her eyes red and her skin pale, as if some one had killed her too. She lay shaking on the floor as her frizzy hair covered her face. "You're not helping Ron! He's dead and I all I want is to kill who killed him!" She screamed, "He was your friend, and punching Malfoy isnt going to bring him back! So stop so we can try and figure out what happened tonight! Damn you both!" She screamed out, and fell back crying. The image of her so broken down, so weak caused both boys to stop and kneel beside her.

"Oh brother she has completely snapped" George said, deep concern in his voice.

"Yeah She is defending Draco Malfoy," Fred replied, scowling down at the scene below them. They were hidden in the darkness at the top of the basement stairs.

"Not just that look at her..." George said, pointing as she continued to cry as Harry and Draco patted her back.

"Where would have Ron been if not at practice?" Fred asked after a few moments of Hermione's sobbing.

"We get Harry and Hermione, if she is ok to watch the shop tomorrow and we head to the scene of the crime"

"And tail Malfoy, there is a stench of something foul on the air and I think its him" Fred said, happy about George's suggestion, "And we say we have Order work..."

"Bloody Brilliant" and with that the boys sunk back in to the shadows, as Hermione began to speak through her tears.

"Ron was your brother Harry! Come on! We mark the Eater who did this and kill him in the most horrible way I can imagine, He's mine! Damn Death Eater will pay!" Hermione spat

"Hold on Hermione," Draco cooed slightly, "Why kill him yourself? You could end up dead instead, send in a full Auror or something..."

"I'll be a full Auror in a year or 4 but I will be one," she spat in his face, hysterical, she was beyond comfort.

"Will you help me?!?!?" she said angrily

Draco sighed and answered.... yes
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