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Blonde Shadow

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Fred and George take things in to their own hands

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Hermione rolled out of bed, and looked out the window. It was dawn, about 4 days after Ron’s funeral. He was buried at the Burrow, in the old meadow where he and Harry had played Quidditch those worry free summers so long ago. She dressed simply in a black, A-line skirt and a black tank top. Over that she pulled on her wizard’s robes and stepped down the stairs.

She was at 12 Grimmauld Place, for she couldn’t bare to go home to the apartment she and Ron shared nor could she go back to the Burrow. Her parents had moved away to a new house just outside of London but she didn’t like the idea about facing them so soon.

“Morning Hermione,” Harry greeted her as she got down to the kitchen.

“Hi ya Harry,” she replied and sat beside him as Mrs. Weasley began to serve some pancakes and bacon. Her eyes and face; her whole body was weary. Bill and Charlie lived at the Burrow, so they wouldn’t attract attention, while She, Fred, George, and Arthur travelled in between. Ginny was living with Harry in an apartment, just a few blocks away and so she was a frequent visitor. Harry came and went, as he was needed between the 4 houses, He was more in to the Order then actually becoming an Auror. Lupin came down, his skin more weary then Mrs. Weasley’s. He ruffled Harry’s hair and looked down at Hermione.

“Hermione, Im sorry about your loss.” He muttered sadly, he had not seen her because of his work and because a full moon had just come and gone. She nodded grimily.

“Thank you Remus,” She replied and headed towards the fireplace. “I miss him so much,” and with that she took out some Floo powder and sprinkled it over the fire.

“I’ll see you at the store, Harry. Goodbye Mrs. Weasley, Remus…Weasley Wizarding Wheezes” The green flames consumed her body as she vanished.

“Why is she going there?” Remus asked looking mildly surprised.

Harry answered as Mrs. Weasley turned to great her two sons, who had just entered.

“Fred and George,” he said nodding in their direction, “Asked us to watch the store as they say they have Order work that has to be done.” He dusted off his hands on his pants, and stood up.

“I’ll talk to you after work Moony,” Harry said smiling, and headed to wards the fireplace too.

He vanished, following Hermione as Remus Lupin turned towards the three Weasley’s.

“What Order work? You weren’t down for anything last meeting…” Lupin said well naturally, his brows together in confusion.

“Its more a last thing for Ron, We owe it to him,” Fred said settling down beside his twin.

“Oh and what is this?” Molly asked getting breakfast out for her son’s, they were now her youngest boys after all.

“To make sure Hermione doesn’t end up dead,” George replied, as he fell to the food in front of him.

“Why?…” Remus asked, but Fred cut him off. “Alright we will tell you, She and Ron had this theory about the Heir of Darkness, and how she thinks Ron found something out before she died so now it is her goal in life to 1. Kill the deatheater that so obviously killed him, and 2. Find out what Ron found out before they killed him. She thinks they needed a reason to kill him…”

“And she asked my help to find everything out.” Draco said wandering in to the kitchen. Hatred filled the twins eyes, as silent hisses escaped from their lips.

“Hello Draco dear,” Mrs. Weasley greeted him as well. She grabbed another plate by the stove and began to fill out.

“How much did you hear?” Fred demanded, as George shuddered from Molly’s use of ‘dear’

“Just the last little bit, I just got up.” Draco replied, his blonde hair was mussed as if to follow his story.

“Any way we are off,” George said, shooting Fred a warning look. They kissed their mom goodbye and strolled up to the main floor.

Draco ate quietly, that extendable ear he bought from their store had come in handy. He had heard every word; maybe I should get one for my lord…

“What are you doing to day Draco?” Mrs. Weasley asked, as Remus cracked open the Daily Prophet.

He swallowed, “We have a Quidditch game today, against Canada. I’ll be at that, I guess. Then Im off to go hang out with my girlfriend, Pansy. I do not know when I will be back to night.”

“Who is playing Keeper for Ron?” Remus asked, curious.

Draco coughed and looked up surprised they didn’t know, “Ginny,” he replied to their faces.

“Ginny? Since when?” Mrs. Weasley asked, surprised that her youngest was on the team even though she was just 17.

Draco shrugged, “Wood wanted her there, to take his place. She has talent even though she dislikes the position. She does fine during practices. Wood would play, but he would rather be a chaser now. When he signed on Puddlemere United, he did a lot of Chaser work, and so switched positions. I personally think it would be a better idea for them to switch, but…” he shrugged, “Both have skill in either position so it truly doesn’t matter. Now if you would both excuse me, I need to get my robes and broom. Wood wants us there early.”

Mrs. Weasley nodded, as did Remus; so Draco left, and headed back to the room he had been given while he stayed at Head Quarters.

He grabbed his Lightning Bolt, a fairly new model that was faster then the Firebolts, but he did like his Nimbus 2001 much better. He was so preoccupied by his thoughts that he didn’t notice the 2 pale pink snakes that wormed in to his room from the hallway.

Draco sighed quietly, and began to do some stretches to awaken his muscles. If what those two dumb Weasels said was true Draco thought and grimaced. I hate being here, surrounded by all these people! But if what they said is true then chances are they are following me or talking to the team today. Large bribes might be in order to keep them silent…Wood will take the bribes too, he can’t tell those two idiots that both Ron and I weren’t at that practice. Nor can he say that Voldemort was there. Wood knows I am a ‘spy’ for the Order but I do not know how much he himself questioned or thought about with Voldemort there….Maybe we should just kill Wood…Then again he does have his uses. The pale pink snakes left the room as Fred and George apparated to the Quidditch pitch.

They approached the table which was selling tickets to the game.

“Two tickets please,” Fred said, as George took out his money pouch.

“Where about would you like them?” the witch asked, politely.

“”Your best seats, please” George said handing over a large handful of gold and silver.

“Very well, sirs please head straight through those doors and straight up.” The witch handed over a small handful of bronze, and two tickets. They nodded their thanks and left, heading in the way she pointed.

“This way we get to spy on Draco,” George said, looking at his watch, which read 11:30 am.

“And watch Ginny play Quidditch.” Fred replied, both of them began discussing the outcome of the match and the odds, not noticing the blonde shadow behind them.
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