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Jolinar and Samantha "blend."

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Part 1, Waiting

For months, Jolinar had waited quietly within her newest host. The man never knew she was there. She waited for a sign of the Tok'ra. Waited for a chance to leave. /If I wait here too long, I will be found/, she thought to herself, keeping the thought from the host. Quietly, she continued to wait.

The Chaapa'ai activated. She wasn't sure at first because her host's home was a bit far from it. However, she saw through his eyes as people started heading towards it. Her host however, seemed to have no interest. Jolinar wondered how wrong it would be to make him more curious. She had to know who was coming through. What if it was the Ashrak? The Goa'uld? Perhaps, even the Tok'ra. No, they have no idea where I am.

Her host started heading to the Chaapa'ai, and she wondered if she had unintentionally influenced him. He stayed in the distance, but she was still able to see through his eyes who had come. They appeared to be human, but perhaps from a world more advanced than this one. They were talking to the leader of this world. Were they a threat? Could they be of help? Jolinar wondered.

The host glanced over as his wife joined his side. He was already getting bored. Jolinar could feel it. He thought about the work needed to be done at the farm. Finally, he looked over at his wife. "Tell me, if anything important happens." /No reason for us to be both watching/, he thought, as he turned away and returned to his home.

A few hours later, his wife came back, and told him the strangers were from a planet called Earth and they a team called SG-1. They seemed to be peaceful travelers.

Who could they be? Jolinar thought, having never heard of them before.

"They are going to have a meeting," the wife continued. "Everyone is invited to watch."

Her host nodded. "You may go if you wish. I have no interest."

Why of all people, did I get this guy as a host? Jolinar was frustrated. At least the wife was interested. She would report back, but whatever knowledge she gained could be given too late.

The wife smiled. "I will tell you everything that you might find interesting."

As they hugged and kissed goodbye, Jolinar tried to ignore it, as she always felt very intrusive during private moments. It also hurt, and made her wonder what Martouf and Lantash were doing that moment. How often do they think of me? She mentally closed her eyes. Will I ever see them again?

Her host started working as soon as his wife left.

She wasn't sure how long he had been working when she heard the first shot. No! Oh, no, no, no!

Her host dropped the hoe he had been using, and started running towards the town's center. "Talia!" His thoughts were only of his wife and her safety.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Jolinar thought, realizing she was probably the reason they were being attacked. She eased the man's panic and the pain in his side from running.

"Talia!" He called, " Talia!"

Suddenly she felt and heard a shot from above. Too close. The man screamed out in pain as he was thrown forward. Jolinar wanted to scream with him, but instead retreated further, and quickly started working on the burns and helping his body to release endorphins.

The man coughed, and managed to roll over as he tried to get up. Others passed by him, not seeming to notice. " Talia," he whispered.

Jolinar continued to try to heal him, but realized she couldn't. He was dying. The injuries were too great. I can't save him. I'm sorry.

She eased the pain, as there was nothing else she could do. She considered comforting him, but knew she'd probably just scare him. Another reality hit her. I'm going to die. I am going to die, and no one will know. Not even my host. Martouf...Lantash...I'm sorry. If she couldn't see them one last time, she wished at least they would know what happened. They never will.

"Colonel, this man is still alive!" The voice was distance, feminine.

He's not the only one in here, and we aren't alive for long.

She ignored the female near her, working on easing the man's pain, and thinking of her loves. She was afraid, no, terrified. Then suddenly she felt a mouth on her host's mouth. Could she possibly know? How...? It was, after all, how the Tok'ra joined with a new host. Other than kissing, Jolinar didn't know of another reason for it.

The female pulled away.

Wishful thinking? Jolinar thought, thinking that maybe she hadn't felt what he thought she felt...but then there it was again. /Sorry/, she thought to the nearly dead man, and for the first time took control of his body. She was thankful that he was too weak to even know what was going on s she moved a hand to the back of the female's head.

She quickly moved from one host to another as the female pulled back. Jolinar automatically had control, and memories of the host hit her at once. Samantha Carter. Stargate Command. They fought the Goau'ld. They had no knowledge of the Tok'ra. This new host was protesting.


to be continued...
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