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Something About Jolinar

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Jolinar goes to Earth.

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/O'Neill/, Jolinar thought, getting the name from the memories of her new host.

"We have got to go," he continued. His voice was now closer.

Jolinar felt hand on her shoulders, and turned to look at him, a bit startled. Still in disbelief about what she had just done. Think. Think! She wiped the blood from her mouth, wondering if he had noticed, but realizing he must have.

"You all right?"

"Yeah," she automatically answered.

Jack O'Neill put a hand towards Jolinar's previous host. "Let's get him out of here. Come on."

Jolinar shook her head, and ducked when she heard an explosion dangerously near. "Dead. Had some kind of seizure." They can't realize he had a symbiote in him. Need to explain the blood. "Bit his own tongue."

She had gained automatic control of the host, but Samantha Carter was fighting fiercely. Jolinar was not only fighting her, but her own guilt. She wasn't entirely sure who this man was, or how to act. Not so soon after the blending. Can't really call it a blending, now can I! She retorted to herself, feeling so sick with her actions that she felt like losing whatever meal this host last ate.

The explosions around them were getting worse, and that seemed to trigger her back to what was more important at the moment. Does he see the Death Glider coming at us! She thought in panic, though showed none of it. He helped her up, and they started running. She felt both relief and disgusted that she had fooled him.

As they ran, she realized that Jack O'Neill's hand was on her upper arm, as if helping her run. He must have noticed I am a bit out of it, and thought I needed help. Am I acting so strangely? No, now is not the time to worry about it. He wouldn't be helping me if he didn't think I was Sam Carter.

Jolinar was thankful when she saw they were close to the Chaapa'ai, and briefly wondered where they were headed. She slowed down a brief second when she saw a Jaffa standing near the Chaapa'ai, seeming to be waiting for them. He will attack! No, he can be trusted. A Jaffa helping Tau'ri? She sped up again before Jack O'Neill noticed.

The Jaffa moved to her left side, and helped her up the steps. Quickly, the three of them made it through the gate together.

"Lock it up!" said a male's voice.../Hammond/...when they came through.

Jolinar looked forward, trying to figure out where they were when she heard the sound metal smoothly moving against itself near the Chaapa'ai. She turned in time to see the iris close in front of the...


Jolinar didn't really hear the thought from Carter. Instead the information came when she turned towards it. The same way the information came when she saw the Jaffa, no, Teal'c, and when she saw the iris.


Jack O'Neill again. She turned to him.

"You ok?"

"Yeah, fine." Must be polite, and not arouse suspicion. "Thanks." Jolinar looked around, and suddenly knew where she was. The first world...the origin of the all Tau'ri. How is that possible?

To be continued...
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